Design Your Own Tartan Shoes

Design your own tartan shoes

Is your wedding day the most personal day of your life? Standing in front of everyone you’ve ever met- including the lady who gave you your first haircut who your mum insisted on inviting. Then tying yourself to somebody else for life.

No matter how many times you get close to throwing your planner out of the window and shout ‘That’s it, we’re eloping!”, we know you’re looking forward to your big day.

Plus, we’re here to help make your big day as comfortable and personal as possible. First, I know our 3D Designer can look a little overwhelming. However, you don’t have to be a footwear expert. Choosing your design is broken down into manageable stages.

Starting to Design Your Tartan Shoes

Here’s a guide on how you can design your tartan shoes to be perfect for you.

What heel height should you choose? 

First, your heel height is key to how comfortable you will be on your wedding day! As a fully custom service, the type of heel- stiletto, block heel, a wedge- are up to you. Plus, the height of the heel. 

Whether you’re looking for an extra height boost in the pictures or glamorous skyscraper heels, designing your own tartan shoes can be a game changer.

Choosing the heel height of your tartan heels
A 1 inch kitten heel in tartan

How to tell us you want tartan

Next, while you’re on the ‘Materials’ section, choose Tartan as an option. Here you can cover your whole shoe in tartan or have a splash of colour on a platform or heel.

Also, let us do the hard work for you, with our Tartan Sourcing service. For your tartan shoes we can find your family tartan from our genuine, authentic Scottish suppliers. Simply add a note of your family tartan in your Personal Description and we’ll be in touch! 

designing your own shoes

Which Sizing Options are there to choose from?

After you’ve designed your tartan shoes- which Fit would you like? Our PrecisionFit service is a great experience, having your shoes made to your specific measurements saves lots of time. Plus, there’s no need to break your shoes in or stock up on blister packs. 

Instead your shoes will be a precise fit for you. Plus, once we have made a mould of your measurements, it’s reusable! After your wedding, you’ll be able to order other materials and colours for your whole wardrobe- at a discounted price. Find out more on how to reuse your mould in our FAQs. 

Hear from some Customers 

“I ordered tartan wedding shoes for my big day, in the same tartan as my husband-to-be. The shoes are absolutely gorgeous, and I am thrilled with how they fit and look. They were a talking point at the wedding and I look forward to enjoying them for years to come.” Maureen via Facebook

A photo sent by one of our customers on her wedding day


Here's a picture of a red bodycon, turtle neck dress as inspiration for thanksgiving dinner
Pair tartan with a red dress for the holidays!

Start Designing your Dream Tartan Shoes

Begin using out online 3D Designer to create your dream custom wedding shoes.



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