How to Find Stylish Shoes for Large Shoe Sizes

Stylish Shoes For Large Shoe Sizes

Finding stylish shoes for large shoe sizes can be a challenge. At Solely Original, we don’t believe there is a ‘standard size’, and believe every woman should not have to choose between comfort and fashion, so our bespoke service provides both. Your shoe design is created using your feet measurements, guaranteeing a perfect fit!

As our founder Iris Anson found when researching the shoe industry, standard sizes does not include everybody. Larger or petite feet are undeniably harder to shop for, so Solely Original aim to make fashion available to everybody. Stylish shoes for larger sizes are readily available in our shop the look collection, or you can create your own design.

How to find stylish shoes for large shoe sizes

Bespoke Shoe Fitting Service

We combine traditional shoe making with innovative technology, to create precision fit shoes. Firstly, you can use our online 3D designer, to create your dream shoe. You’re in control of exactly how you would like your shoe, by using our vast material gallery of prints, fabrics and colours. Therefore, with endless design opportunities, there is no need to struggle finding stylish shoes for large shoe sizes!

Next, we need your foot data. Our fitting sock takes a mould of your foot within minutes, plus you can do it from home. Our skilled craftsmen then use this data to create a personalised last to create your shoe, ensuring a perfect fit. The precision fit means any size can be catered for.

Steps to finding your Spring time stylish shoes for large shoe sizes

Planning your shoe style

Before you even start measuring your feet for that perfect fit, you need to know what type of shoe you want – and to do that you need to do your homework. Research the latest styles and trends to know exactly what’s going to get you noticed. Whether the latest spring style is leather or latex, if you want your unique shoes to stand out then take notice of what’s hot- and perhaps more importantly, what’s not. Make note of the styles that suit large feet, our footwear expert Iris Anson, shared which toe shapes are most comfortable on larger/ wider feet.

Considering Weather Conditions

Weather conditions are infamously unpredictable. Some materials are more delicate than others- it’s not a god idea to get your suede court shoes caught in an April shower. Although, there are ways to care for your new shoes, to help you prepare for any situation. Our heels are made with comfort and durability in mind. All of our shoes are made with an ultra-soft memory foam insole.

Additionally, heels can be made with a heel grip, to prevent painful blisters, arch support to relieve pressure and painted heels to be scratch resistant and easy to clean. So your shoe designs are stylish, and practical.

Looking at Your Wardrobe

Lastly, at Solely Original, you become the designer. We provide endless design opportunities, to combine colours, fabrics, material and prints, so you can experiment with your style. So, consider what’s already in your wardrobe! A nude court pump, such as Daisy, from our shop the look collection, is incredibly versatile and will match everything. This classic trend are the ultimate stylish shoes for large shoes sizes, as the neutral colour is flattering.

Alternatively, why not play around with your style? Colour combinations such as pink and red are trending right now, despite previously being unspoken of.

Visit our online 3D designer now to start creating your custom shoes, with a perfect fit.