How to master your interview look

Practical but stylish outfit for an interview

Every woman needs to have the perfect interview outfit – to dazzle, flatter and give you that extra boost of confidence. Perfecting a practical but stylish outfit can be daunting. The last thing you want is to add more pressure to yourself by second guessing every choice. Therefore, it’s best to create your outfit in advance and remove the extra worry from your mind.

Here are our top tips to mastering your interview look – taking one thing off your worry list and helping you to boost your confidence.

How to Master Your Interview Look

Comfort is Important

The last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable when trying to focus on making that killer first impression. You may have found a gorgeous blouse and heels but you won’t give off the sophisticated “give-me-a-job” vibe if you can barely walk into the office. Test run your outfit to ensure it doesn’t catch on your bra or stick in awkward places!

Comfort starts with your shoes. If your feet are aching from blisters, or you can’t walk, you are going to feel and look uncomfortable. Bespoke sizes guarantee a perfect fit, as shoes are made to order from a personalised last. Our innovative fitting technology takes a mould of your foot within minutes.

Match your practical but stylish outfit

Black is a timeless colour that compliments everything. A heeled boot is a practical way to wear heels, as they provide more support than thinner stiletto heels. Additionally, add a detail, such as a metallic tip to make your look more modern, perfect for a stylish interview look.

Our shop the look collection features the Ruth high heeled brogue. Perfect for when you need a smart shoe, but don’t want to be plain! Plus, the brogue detail is sophisticated and smart, as well as a style statement.

Don’t Rush Getting Ready

On a normal day it may take you 30 minutes to get ready but when it comes to your interview day chances are the pressure will be on you and nervous you may be more clumsy and need more time. It’s better to have too much time than not enough and if you do makeup, clothes then hair you can avoid wiping makeup on your shirt or crushing your hair when slipping into your dress. Set up an action plan and give yourself plenty of time.

Go for makeup and hair styles you know

Interviews are not the best time to try out new styles. The last thing you want is to be putting on, removing and then putting on more makeup before your interview. You should go for a style you already have a lot of experience of putting on and feel confident with. The ultimate key to a practical but stylish outfit is confidence!

Most important thing you can do is be confident and if you can’t be then just fake it. If you’d like to find comfortable strut-safe shoes for your interview discover the possibilities of bespoke made-to-measure Solely Original shoes – so comfy that you can walk easily and so stylish they’ll draw the eye.

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