Shoe Inspiration from the Met Gala 2017

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Shoe Inspiration from the Met Gala 2017


The Met Gala is one of the biggest fashion events on the celebrity social calendar. Whilst the gala serves to raise money for the fashion exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, celebrities use it to showcase their unique styles.

Aside from the fabulous and sometimes daring clothes choices, the shoe styles are a just as important feature of the overall outfit. By taking inspiration from the Met Gala, you can be sure to be walking into the summer in a pair of the most fashionable shoes, following the latest trends.

Popular Styles

At the gala this year, boots seemed to be a popular style amongst the celebrities. However, whilst this seemed to be a trend on the carpet, as summer draws near it isn’t the most practical style to take inspiration from. Rather than wearing combat boots with your flowered print dress, think of other styles such as high heeled boots for an evening summer meal or knee-high boots for a night out.


Another popular style was high heeled sandals. With summer approaching steadily and temperatures rising, sandals seem to be the shoe of choice for most celebrities. Flat sandals offer practicality and comfort whilst heels can make a striking addition to any summer outfit, with the open to not making your feet feel sweaty and trapped due to the heat.


Celebrities adopted colours from over the whole spectrum at the Met Gala. Darker tones such as black and grey were popular amongst those who wanted a more classic, sexy look with their sparkling outfits. Whereas, many other celebrities seemed to be embracing the changing seasons and showcased bright, block colours to match their extravagant and often large dresses.


Taking inspiration from the Met Gala, the colour of your shoes is very much outfit dependent. Though you don’t have to limit yourself to one colour. Experiment with fading and merging colours and see what suits you best to better express your unique style.


Stand Out Quality

Design your own shoes

Whilst still taking inspiration from celebrities, you also need to consider your own personal style.


Following the example set by Met Gala, you need to showcase your own unique take on the current trends. Don’t stick to trends perfectly. Give yourself some freedom to experiment and create your own style. Altering the current trends with your choice of fabrics, colours or accessories that suit you can lead to a unique pair of shoes guaranteed to make you stand out this summer.

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