How to save your feet during pregnancy

Shoes during pregnancy

How to save your feet during pregnancy

As a mother of two, I like to think that I’m fairly familiar with the trials and tribulations of carrying a child. Everyone knows that your stomach is going to get considerably larger and it’s likely you’ll put some weight on the rest of your body too. But one thing that nobody ever prepared me for was that your feet will go through changes too.

Sorry to break it to you first time mums – but your feet will swell, they’ll get larger (possibly permanently) and some days they’ll hurt! Although it’s worth it in the long run, in the short term it can be trying, so here are my top 4 tips to saving your feet during pregnancy and helping you enjoy this special period of your life.

Keep them up

You have the perfect excuse to be lazy. The only way to really ease swollen feet is by keeping them up. Sleeping with your feet on a pillow can really help to reduce the swelling by the morning. If you try to keep them elevated whenever you are sat down it can ease it further. A great way to do this is by having either a pouffe by your sofa or a cushion on your coffee table so you can easily put your feet up without needing to lie in bed, meaning you can enjoy a film or work on some spreadsheets whilst giving your feet a break. If you find yourself sitting down a lot though do make sure that you take a five-minute stroll every hour to keep the circulation flowing and not pooling.

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Wear comfy and sturdy shoes

As a fellow professional, I understand the struggle of trying to maintain a professional look whilst growing out of your clothes, struggling to walk due to a new found lack of balance, combined with aches, pains and sleep deprivation. Maternity leave can’t start until at the very earliest 11 weeks before your due date, so it’s likely you’ll still be spending large chunks of time on your feet, whether this is when you are commuting, meeting clients or running around an office. It’s incredibly important to purchase shoes that make it easier for you to walk and stay comfortable whilst still keeping you looking stylish. Solely Original can create shoes to your own design that fit your feet perfectly (you can even have them custom-made to fit your exact measurements) helping you to take your pregnancy in your stride.

Shoes during pregnancy

Try to avoid long walks on very hot days

Heat makes feet swell even more so if it’s a lovely sunny day try to find things that you can do sat down. Whether it’s pottering around the garden, lounging in the sun reading a book or meeting at a cafe with friends, long walks are great to keep you healthy but on hot days your feet can really pay the price. It is great to get some good light exercise like swimming, yoga, walking but make sure you are doing them at the right time of day and in the right conditions. If it’s very hot outside swimming may be a better choice of exercise than walking, and if it’s raining outside and feeling very tired yoga is the best option. Keep the blood flowing but don’t overdo yourself.

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Spoil yourself

Pregnancy is all about enjoying this special time and of course – pampering! Having feet the size of small boats can be a real confidence killer but treat yourself to a pedicure or a foot massage to help lift your mood. Foot baths can be a great way to ease the pain. You can make a cheap DIY one by filling a large plastic bowl with warm water and some nice soaking treatments then relax. Be careful not to make it too hot as you don’t want to overheat yourself. Take some time out of every day to exercise some self-care whether it’s a nice bubble bath, an hour with your favourite book or a trip out to the salon for the VIP treatment.

Try not to be downhearted although your feet are changing they will calm down once your little bundle has been born. However, you might want to revisit your shoes once a few months have passed as sometimes your feet can change in size and them not return back to their original size. Solely Original specialise in bespoke shoes created to fit your feet perfectly and are a mum’s best friend – helping you to walk tall and confident.

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