The Best Shoes for Busy Workers

the best shoes for busy workers

key word- the best shoes for busy workers

If you’re an employee who travels for work or uses public transport a lot, then your choice of shoes are important. You spend a lot of the day on your feet, and shoes can cause pain. Sometimes even lasting damage. However, we’ve compiled a list of ways to avoid this. Here are our tips for finding the best shoes for busy workers!

Advice for Finding The Best Shoes For Busy Workers

Think Comfort

Heels are infamously painful. After blisters and pain,many women give up. However, it’s often the fit of the shoes that are the issue. To prevent placing too much pressure on your feet, try a kitten heel. A 1″ heel is high fashion right now, check out our blog post on how to style kitten heels here. Also, they’re often a favourite for female politicians during their grueling hours of campaigns, one of the style tips you can steal from a female politician. 

Although, technically not a kitten heel, the Isabel black snake print court shoe is sophisticated and versatile. On trend with either a trouser suit or a line midi skirt. They find the balance between smart and fashionable!

Finding Reliable and Durable Shoes

If you’re up on your feet all day or travelling a lot for your work, you want a pair of shoes that will last. You don’t want to spend your hard earned money on a pair of shoes only for them to fall apart after a couple of months.

Invest in quality shoes, made from higher quality materials. Then you can wear them for longer without having to worry about replacing them and restarting the process. Every pair of Solely Original shoes are made to order by a team of experienced specialists, and crafted using premium materials. Visit our website to find out more details on why Solely Original are luxury quality shoes, without the luxury price tag.

Don’t forget about Your Style

Even though you have to think about the comfort and durability of your shoes, you don’t have to sacrifice style. Pairing statement shoes with a neutral colour outfit, such as grey or a pastel pink remains sophisticated. Or even, a classic colour such as nude or black doesn’t have to be boring. Use our online 3D designer to add embellishments or prints to your shoes to make them as unique as possible! 


So, now you have an idea of how to find the best shoes for busy workers, why not try designing your own bespoke shoes at