How to Choose Shoes for Summer Weddings

How to Choose Shoes for a Summer Wedding

Whether you are the mother of the bride or a bridesmaid, shoes are an important part of your outfit. As a member of the wedding party, you have to look your best on the big day. With summer now starting you have many more factors to think about when picking your shoes for a summer wedding.

What to Think about When Choosing Shoes For a Summer Wedding

Consider the Wedding Location

One thing that’s important for your shoes for a summer wedding is the location. Some materials, such as suede or silk are harder to clean than leather. This is important to consider as summer wedding are often outdoors. However, our painted heel feature will rescue you from mud! The heels increase durability and reduce the risk of scratched heels.

Additionally, beach weddings are increasingly popular, according to our list of Top Summer Wedding Trends. If you’re jetting off for a beach holiday abroad, remember Solely Original sandals are made to order. Therefore they are available all year round!

Remember your Style

When you think of summer you think of mesmerising sunsets and sparkling beaches. So when deciding your shoes for a summer wedding you need to match the style to the season. Ditch the fluffy heels and lace and look for shoes with more sparkle that will shine in the sunlight. Small diamante accessories will really help make you stand out from the crowd as you’re spinning on the dancefloor.

Colour Coordination

Traditionally, bridesmaid’s shoes are neutral. A white or nude shade is classic bridal shades! However, why not opt for a way to break away from wedding traditions, and choose your own individual colour. A pastel shade of pink or green is subtle enough to match any dress, but you can wear the shoes again and again with any outfit.


One of the most important things when picking shoes for a summer wedding is the comfort. With summer comes longer days meaning the ceremony and dancing can last for a lot longer. With a memory foam sole, and the option of additional heel grips to prevent blisters and arch support to relieve pressure, Solely Original shoes are comfort optimised. Brides have approved our shoes, and they are comfortable enough to dance in!

Now you’re ready to choose your shoes for a summer wedding, why not design your own using our 3D designer? Our visit our Shop the Look collection for made to order, pre designed shoes.