Break Away from Wedding Shoe Traditions


Break Away from Wedding Shoe Traditions

Express your unique personality on your wedding day by breaking away from traditional colours, fabrics and patterns of wedding shoes. Rather than sticking to the plain creams and stiletto heeled shoes you see in everyone’s wedding photos, explore a range of colour and styles never seen before.


When you think of a bride you think of creams, white and ivory. And while you still may want that traditional colour in your dress, you can still explore colour in your shoes. Think about your favourite colours or colours that have meaning and incorporate them into the design of your shoes and accessories.

Also, think about the season and setting of your wedding. In summer time explore brighter colours such as bold pinks, golds and greens. However, if your wedding is in winter, softer blues and silvers will match the atmosphere perfectly.


Usually, brides tend to go for a plain block colour for their shoes. However break away from wedding shoe traditions and opt for something different and unique with your shoes. When shopping for your shoes don’t turn away from a pair with a flowery or stripy pattern. Don’t follow the trend of plain shoes but rather pick a pair that you love or think expresses your personality well.


Another wedding shoe tradition is satin, also popular for wedding dresses. However, you don’t have to base your look off he stereotypical image of a bride strutting down the aisle in plain soft white stilettoes. If you see shoes made from different fabrics that catch your eye you shouldn’t shy away from them. Shoes with fabrics such as suede and velvet or even shoes covered in sparkling diamantes or glitter can make you look even more beautiful and unique on your wedding day.


On your wedding day the last thing you want is to be in pain. Don’t feel pressured into buying six-inch heels because your best friends wore them on their big day. Pick a style of shoes you love to wear be it a night out or a meal with your mates. If there is a particular style you love to wear, stick to it on your wedding day. Platforms, kitten heels or even knee high boots. Stick to your personal style since it is your day after all.

Also, don’t be afraid of splashing out and buying a second pair of shoes for the night. After being stood up for a long while exchanging vows in the ceremony you deserve a pair of fancy flip flops to take away the pain as you dance.


Break wedding shoe tradition at your wedding and accessorise your shoes so they go from plain to fabulous. Whether it is diamantes or feathers on the heel or even chains or a brooch, you should accessorise with what suits your style without being too tacky. If your shoes are already covered in sparkling glitter don’t add a big sparkly broach. Rather try to incorporate a small diamante brooch or headband to accentuate the shoes rather than ruin the look.

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