How to have Painless Feet on Your Wedding Day

how to get painless feet on your wedding day

How to have painless feet on your wedding day

On your wedding day, you want to feel as glamourous as possible. Often women think glamour has to be painful, and endure painful feet. Bleeding heels, blisters, the wrong fit, so many things can go wrong– and end up painful.

Solely Original, however, specialise in bespoke bridal shoes. Our custom sizes mean you do not have to compromise between style and comfort on your big day, brides deserve painless feet on your wedding day! By using the following tips and hints you can make sure your wedding is a pain-free event.

1. Help your Heels

Walking in shoes that aren’t quite the perfect fit for a long time may cause you pain. Even shoes that fit but aren’t comfortable can ruin your day. Shoes rubbing against your heel for a long time is a guaranteed blister, not ideal for painless feet on your wedding day. However, there are ways to make your shoes fit more comfortably.

How to have painless feet on your wedding day

Alternatively, Solely Original shoes are comfort optimised. Every pair is made with an ultra-soft memory foam sole. Plus heels can be made with arch support to relieve pressure and a heel grip to prevent blisters. The last thing you want is bleeding feet ruining your shoes, and your night!

2. Caring for Your Toes

If you want painless feet on your wedding day you need to think about the balls of your feet and toes. This area often faces the most pain when you wear heels so you should focus most on how to reduce it.

How to have painless feet on your wedding day

Sacrifice your six inch heels for something smaller if you want to reduce the pain. Kitten heels- heels that are 1-2” tall- made a huge fashion comeback, and are hailed by Vogue as one of the biggest trends of the season. Why not opt for a traditional white or ivory silk from our 3D designer to turn a trend into a comfy bridal shoe, or go against tradition?

3. Find the Perfect Fit for Your Shoes

Furthermore, wearing the wrong size can have a harmful impact on your feet. This can be because they are a half size too small or one of your feet is bigger than the other. Whereas, at Solely Original, we can help you avoid fitting drama.

Bridal Low Heels Shoes

Our bespoke service uses innovative fitting technology to guarantee the perfect fit. By using a mould of your foot, which is made in minutes, we take measurements to create a personalised last. This is then used to create your bespoke bridal shoes. Shoes are made with a precision fit to your foot!

Just in case, your shoes arrive and you’re not 100% happy, we are happy to work with you until they are the perfect shoes you were expecting.

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days, and there’s a lot to organise. Our custom made bridal shoes are delivered within 4-6 weeks, or within 2-3 weeks with express delivery.

4. Give preference to low heels or flat shoes

Whether you’re a heels person or not, you might want to consider some flat wedding shoes for when the dancing kicks off. 

From slip-ons and sliders, to the classic pump via quirky boots and some seriously cool bridal trainers, there are flat wedding shoes for every kind of bride out there. 

Top tip: Once you’ve chosen your bridal low heels or flats, why not add a gorgeous shoe clip?

The detachable bridal shoe clips can be added to all shoes you have chosen for the big day, from the ceremonial heels to the reception flats. 

Bridal Shoe Clips

Shoe clips are also a great way to incorporate the wedding ceremony colours in your bridal look or even adding the “something blue” to your special day. Plus, you can use the shoe clips in any other pair of shoes you have after the wedding – like a lovely memory of your big day!

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