Before You Design Your Own Heels

Solely Original provide the for women to design your own heels. Our revolutionary technology means that heels are comfortable and stylish, ensuring the perfect fit. But when you design your own shoes, there can be a little bit of uncertainty or confusion. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions.

How to Design Your Own Heels

 How to choose Toe Shapes for your shoe

The toe shape of your shoe may seem minor, but it’s actually very important! This ultimately determines how comfortable the shoe will fit your foot shape once you design your own heels or flats. We offer three shapes on our 3D designer– rounded toe, pointed toe, almond toe. So what’s the difference?

Rounded toe

A rounded toe is the widest toe shape- and arguably the most comfortable. It’s common on brogues and ballet flats. Our Betty high heel oxfords are a unique style, that are glamorous, with a 3.5 inch heel. Although, every pair of Solely Original shoes have a memory foam insole, so paired with a round toe, they are ultra comfy.

How to Design your Own Shoes and select Toe Shape
Betty High Heel Oxfords

Pointed Toe

Next, this shape is the narrowest of the three. The narrow shape pushes your toes closer to the edge of the shoe, which shortens the length of the shoe. The shape is considered to be the most glamourous, as it lengthens and slims the leg.

It’s most common on a court shoe, such as our party favourites, Audrey Silver Court Shoes.

Pointed toe High Heels
Audrey Silver Court Shoes, Pointed Toe High Heel

Almond Toe

Furthermore, this a mix between the two! It is pointed, but not as narrow. Therefore, there’s the perfect mix of glamourous and comfortable.

Also, something to consider is that the shoes will vary in length and shape, depending on what toe shape and heel you have. So not all of your shoes will be the same size in length.

Our Lily Nude Silk Platform Heels prove that you don’t need a pointed toe to be chic.

How to design your won shoes with an almond toe
Lily Silk Nude Platforms, Almond Toe

Choosing the Colour when you design your own heels

Our 3D designer offers a huge range of prints, fabrics, textures, colour and shade options. But don’t be surprised when you order. When viewing on different screens, or devices, the colour may be slightly different to what you receive. Our material gallery is relatively accurate, so you will not be shocked.

Alternatively, we can work with a fabric you provide, we’ll just need approx. 1m. Including our tartan sourcing service, we can help add a personal touch to your bespoke shoes. Just contact us and we will arrange it for you.

How to design your own shoes, select your colour
An index of all the materials we offer on the 3D designer

Heel height

Many of our customers approach us to remake their perfect shoes. Some that they’ve relied on for many years, or some that just won’t fit. Just provide us a source image and we will note down key details of the shoe, and recreate a brand new old pair of shoes.

However, the design cannot be an exact copy, for legal reasons, but we will use finer details to ensure your shoes meet your requirements. They will truly be bespoke!

One of the details you can provide us with when referencing a pair of shoes is the heel height. We understand, sometimes measuring this can be confusing. The heel height isn’t the length of the entire back of the shoe. Just the bottom of the heel, to the seam that joins it to the back.

If you do have any more questions that aren’t answered by our FAQs, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will always be here to answer any queries. Or, start designing today!