Meet our Founder, Iris Anson

Founder of Solely Original, Iris Anson

Professional women end busy days with tired, aching feet too often, something city professional Iris Anson grew tired of. After research and realising how unhealthy the footwear industry is, Iris retrained, studying Footwear Design at London College of Fashion. She realised women are compromising style over comfort- but why?

Founder of Solely Original, Iris Anson
Founder of Solely Original, Iris Anson

How Iris Anson Founded Solely Original

Solely Original was founded for those who need comfortable, fitting, fashionable shoes- everybody. Women wear our shoes everyday internationally, and have trusted us to make their dream shoes for special occasions. In 2017, we introduced an ultra-soft memory foam sole into all our shoes. Additionally, heels can be made a heel grip to prevent blisters and arch support  to relieve pressure. These features help develop stylish shoes  that are revolutionising the footwear industry.

Iris reflected upon 2017 for Solely Original, and future plans as we grow.

2017 was a big year for Solely Original, what were the biggest milestones for you?

Within the past year, we’ve had more than 30% of our customers make a repeat purchase after their initial order! We have also expanded, with international customers in more than 10 countries.

Who was your most memorable customer story from the past year?

A touching customer story was a lady called Kirstie, who was looking for a pair of heels for her daughter’s wedding. Previously she had had trouble finding shoes, and had medical shoes all her life. We worked with Kirstie to discuss design ideas and created a bespoke pair of heels for her to look the part of the Mother of The Bride. Hearing how happy Kirstie was with the shoes and the service made it all worthwhile!

What are your goals for Solely Original in 2018?

I hope to develop the shoes to be even more durable by including a painted heel, this reduces scratching and need for repairs. I also plan to introduce Skype consultation sessions, so stylist advice can be given to customers at their own convenience. We’re also planning to expand our 3D designer, including even more styles and embellishments and accessories for people to add to their design.

How We Make Bespoke Shoes

For premium comfort, our bespoke fitting service provides a precise fit. We can deliver our innovative fitting sock kit to the comfort of your own home, within a few minutes you can take your exact measurements. We also offer consultations at our London based studio where, using our 3D scanner, we can take your measurements for you. Using our online 3D designer, women have an endless range of materials, colours and prints to design their dream shoes. Our premium made to order service means bespoke is available to everybody. This has become a relief for people with hard to find sizes, wide/narrow feet or uncomfortable fitting caused by conditions such as bunions. It’s especially a relief for women who have been looking for stylish yet comfortable shoes. Solely Original fill that gap!

Our shoes have received praise from women who suffer from various fitting complaints, and style problems. Most notably, the Telegraph reviewed our shoes to be 5*, proving that professional women would benefit from Solely Original.

If you couldn’t possibly decide a design, our shop the look collection offers fashionable designs that are also available in bespoke sizes.