A Solely Original Take on Paris Fashion Week 2018

We all loved looking at the pictures that came out of Paris Fashion Week 2018, but our biggest problem is that we can’t always find ways to wear what we see. Here at Solely Original, we’re dedicated to bringing you shoes that look exactly how you want them and fit exactly as they should, and looks inspired by Fashion Week are no exception. Here are some of my favorite shoes from Paris Fashion Week 2018 and their Solely Original interpretations.

Black Glitter Loafers


Rochas Black Glitter Loafer

Solely Original Interpretation:

I loved the stark contrast between the feminine air the glitter brought and the Wild West feeling the snakeskin brought. Rochas brought a lot of 70’s vibes to the runway, and these loafers are no exception. I chose to make the look a little more modern, but still kept that clash of vibes that I loved when I first saw these shoes. However, instead of having the bow on the loafers black to match the rest of the shoe, I decided to make it a chocolate brown, to tie in the snakeskin print on the back heel of the shoe.

Yellow Calf Boots

Miu Miu (via Getty Images):

Miu Miu Yellow Calf Boots

Solely Original Interpretation:

Solely Original Yellow Calf Boot

These boots have some serious puddle stomper vibes and I am living for it! Just looking at them makes me think of when I was a kid and would jump into the biggest puddle I could find after it stopped raining. I loved the black sole on the boot and its subtle bumble bee imagery, and decided to raise the heel a little and make that bumble bee a little bit more obvious.

Blue and Tan High Heel Oxfords


Chloe Blue and Tan High Heel Oxford

Solely Original Interpretation:

Solely Original Blue and Tan High Heel Oxford

I love the color blue, so I couldn’t resist making my own version of these shoes! The Chloè design features a shiny material, but I thought the vegan leather brought a really soft look to these shoes. I decided to embrace the softness and stray away from the work boot look Chloè went with. I moved the alternate color stripe to the lace panel as well, because it gives the shoe a more balanced look and the laces a starker contrast.

Shiny Blue Stiletto Oxford

Haider Ackermann:

Haider Ackermann Shiny Blue Stiletto Oxford

Solely Original Interpretation:

Solely Original Shiny Blue Stiletto Oxford

These shoes are two of my favorite things in this world: shiny and blue. I loved the contrast of the black sole on the inside of the heel and brought it out to the laces as well. I thought this gave the shoe a bit of a pop and draw more attention to it (as if it wasn’t shiny enough to get everyone’s attention!). To give the shoe more structure, I decided to go with the soft leather instead of a satin, to make up for there not being a lace running all the way down to the toe of the shoe.

White Strappy High Heels

Givenchy (via Getty Images):

Solely Original Interpretation:

As much as I love those shiny blue boots, these Givenchy sandals have to be my favorites. Their simplicity adds to their elegance, and every girl has at least one outfit that these would go with. A big question I’ve often faced when looking at shoes from fashion shows is what I would put them with, but these shoes are so simple, they can add to a look without being the center of attention. By scheduling a Skype style session, you can request that the straps be arranged to look more like the original design. Because they’re so versatile, they would see a lot of use, and isn’t that ultimately the most important thing to consider when buying shoes?

These designs inspired by Paris Fashion Week 2018 can make high fashion shoes easier to pair with outfits, making them more approachable. Design your own shoes today and schedule your Skype style session to discuss your design and any changes you want to make! Enjoy being able to make your own shoes inspired by the runway, custom made to your tastes and size!