How to Design Baby Blue Vintage Flats in 5 Simple Steps

Pointed Toe Baby Blue Flats with T-Bar Strap

Designing shoes in the 3D designer can be a bit intimidating, especially if you’ve never used it before. That’s why I’ve decided to show you step-by-step how you can recreate the baby blue vintage flats from my summer wedding shoe styles post.

Step 1: Choosing the Correct Shoe Base

Starting off from the design my shoes page, pick the ballet pumps. This will be the basic shape of our shoe and is a simple and classic design.

Baby Blue Vintage Flats Step 1- Pick the Ballet Pump

Step 2: Getting the Right Toe Shape

Next, under the toe shape section of the Style tab (which will automatically be open), make sure that your ballet pumps have a pointy toe. This will help to give them that vintage aesthetic.

Baby Blue Vintage Flats Step 2-Get the Pointy Toe

Step 3: Adding the Strap

Click on the Accessories & Trims tab, and under the Back Accessories & Trims, click on the T-Bar strap.Baby Blue Vintage Flats Step 3-Adding the Strap

Step 4: Picking Where to add Colour

Now comes the fun part: adding colour! Under the Materials & Colours tab, click on the drop-down menu to select which part of the shoe you’d like to colour.

Baby Blue Vintage Flats Step 4-Choosing Which part of the Shoe to Colour

Step 5: Making it Baby Blue

Scroll through the selection of materials and colours until you find one you like. I personally use the baby blue colour at the bottom of the menu for these shoes, but you can choose whatever colour and material you’d like!

Baby Blue Vintage Flats Step 5-Choosing the Colour

Your Finished Baby Blue Vintage Flats:

Pointed Toe Baby Blue Vintage Flats with T-Bar Strap

These baby blue vintage flats are a good shoe for anyone looking for a pair of shoes they can wear in the office then out to dinner with their friends. They pair perfectly with a variety of outfits, from skinny jeans to wedding dresses.

Other Colour Suggestions

The colour choices can be a bit overwhelming, so I’ve provided some other colour palette suggestions.

On all parts of the shoe: Baby Pink, under the colours section:

I also want to show examples of the strap and shoe being different colours. For this one, I used the red patent on the shoe and the yellow colour on the strap:

Red Patent Vintage Flat with Yellow Strap

For my final variation, I used blue suede on the shoe and green colour on the strap:

Blue Suede Shoe with Green Strap

You’re Finished!

And that’s it! In just 5 steps, you’ve created your own beautiful baby blue vintage flats. This shoe is perfect for many types of occasions, from weddings to getting brunch. Your design options aren’t just limited to what you can find in the 3D designer; by booking your complimentary Skype style session, you can discuss your design and have any questions answered. We want to make your shoes perfect, and that includes the fit! Discover more information on fitting, or start designing your shoes!