Disney Princess Inspired Shoes

As a child, I wanted desperately to be a Disney princess. It didn’t really work out too well, but I still use them for fashion inspiration. I’ve decided to take that inspiration and design some Disney princess inspired shoes, and though some of these girls may not technically be Disney princesses, they are princesses in my heart. We hope that these shoes inspire you to channel your favourite princess’s style in our 3D designer.

Jane, Tarzan

Brown and White High Heel Oxford

While we don’t advise swinging on vines in them, these high heel oxfords are perfect for exploring concrete jungles. Whether you opt for Jane’s yellow dress or your own style, these shoes are versatile and worth the investment.

(Toe Cap, Middle Panel, Heel: Brown Vegan Leather; Shoelace Panel, Upper Panel: White Vegan Leather; Shoelace: Brown)

Kida, Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Blue and Gold Gladiator Sandal

Kida doesn’t wear shoes while exploring, but as Empress of Atlantis, she would likely need shoes on occasion.  These sandals are made to compliment her robe’s colours, but would compliment a variety of clothing. Whether with skinny jeans or a dress, these shoes are the perfect spring and summer accessory.

(T-Bar, Plain Straps, Back Panel: Royal Blue Vegan Leather; Plaited Straps: Gold Shiny Soft Leather)

Tiana, Princess and the Frog

Green Pump with Yellow Strap

Inspired by the shoes of the 1920s, these green and yellow shoes are perfect for the princess working on getting her restaurant. Tiana may not wear the ball gown for very long, but these shoes would last her a long time and allow her to stay on her feet to serve beignets all day long.

(Upper, Heel: Green Soft Leather; Strap: Yellow)

Cinderella, Cinderella

Shiny Light Blue Pump

Instead of glass, these slippers are made of shiny blue leather (though that doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as easily). This makes them the perfect shoes for wearing to the ball and meeting your Prince Charming or making a statement as you show the world that you’re on top.

(Upper, Heel: Light Blue Shiny Soft Leather; Lining: Pink; Insole: Beige)

Merida, Brave

Tartan High Heel Oxfords

Whether you’re shooting for your own hand in marriage or finding your own destiny, these shoes will keep you going. With orange laces to compliment her hair, Merida could have these shoes made with clan DunBroch’s tartan and carry her family with her always.

(Toe Cap, Middle Panel, Shoelace Panel, Upper Panel, Heel: Tartan; Shoelace: Orange)

Vanellope von Schweetz, Wreck-It Ralph

Green, Brown, and White High Heel Oxford and Shiny Pink Pump

As president of Sugar Rush, Vanellope knows how important footwear is. She may prefer to stay in her hoodie, but her brief period as the princess before choosing to become president showed us another side of her. By scheduling a Skype style session, you can create either of these styles and choose to have your shoe decorated with beads (to get that candy effect).

(Left- Toe Cap, Upper Panel: Green Soft Leather; Middle Panel: Chocolate Brown Vegan Leather; Shoelace Panel, Heel: White; Shoelaces: Pink)

(Right- Upper, Heel: Light Pink Shiny Soft Leather; Ankle Strap, Bow: Pink)

Megara, Hercules

Purple and Bronze Sandal

A role model for sassy girls everywhere, Megara is a no-nonsense kind of girl. These sandals fit her preferred colours of purple and bronze, with little to no extra frills. Whether you’re taking care of your own distress or going on dates with demigods, these sandals will keep you stylish and comfortable.

(Toe Strap, T-Bar, Back Panel: Purple; Ankle Straps: Dark Bronze Shiny Soft Leather; Zipper: Gold)

Ariel, The Little Mermaid

Purple, Red, and Green Wedge Platform Sandal

I want to be where the people are…walking around on those-what do you call them-shoes! Being new on legs, Ariel wouldn’t be able to comfortably walk in heels. These wedges would give her more support, and our custom fit would keep her new feet from hurting.

(Toe Straps: Purple Soft Leather; Ankle Strap: Red Vegan Leather; Heel, Back Cap: Green Soft Leather)


Design your own princess-inspired shoes today, and schedule a Skype style session to get them just right! Read our post inspired by Belle or visit our Shop the Look page to get more inspiration for your designs, then create your shoes and order your creations!

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