Altering Handmade Shoes, The Solely Original Journey

We know it’s disappointing when you order something and it’s not what you’ve expected. Sometimes, it takes a little longer to get to know you- well, and your feet. With any tailored product, i.e. including suits, wedding dresses, they require more than one fitting. Traditional shoemakers often plan appointments, after you receive your shoes, to refine the finished product. So far, we’re very pleased to say, 80% of our customers have been thrilled with their shoes upon arrival.  Altering your handmade shoes is part of our, we’ll always work hard to fix any issues. We’ll help you be proud to wear the shoes that were created for you!

Here’s how we help with altering your handmade shoes if they’re not quite right.

What shall I do if my bespoke shoes do not fit?

Our founder Iris Anson commented; “Our bespoke shoes have so far received 80% first time satisfaction, because our technology is more precise than general hand measurements. We will always work closely with you to guarantee your dream shoes!”

First of all, we request photographs of you wearing the shoes. Next, we can see how to help altering your handmade shoes.

Your time is our priority too! You don’t necessarily have to visit our studio- unless you’d like to. Otherwise, we’ll arrange for the shoes to be collected from your home, and returned to our studio.

Do I have to pay if I need alterations?

We will always try to offer free alterations, but in some circumstances, this may not be possible. If the issue is down to the fit of the shoe, i.e too narrow, or too big, we’ll change it for you.

However, if the problem is with the design, we’re unable to change this. Changing your mind on the colour, or material, can’t be easily fixed, and the shoes will have to be remade.

Can I refund my handmade shoes?

Each pair of shoes are bespoke for individual customers, so we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges. Also, most traditional shoemakers will share this policy!

This post didn’t cover your question? Feel free to contact us!

Now, we’ve finished our series on details of your bespoke shoes, you can catch up on any you may have missed! Next, it’s time to use our 3D designer to start creating your bespoke shoes!