Personalized Bridal Shoes

Creating the perfect personalized bridal shoes in our 3D designer can be hard. That’s why we aim to work with you to make your shoes perfect, to ensure that they’re as memorable as the day you wear them.

Beige Silk Heel Sandal with Bead Ankle Straps

One way of having personalized bridal shoes is to change out a part of the shoe for something different. These cream silk high heel sandals use strings of beads instead of an ankle strap. This look would be best with an ensemble that isn’t floor length so that the unique straps can be seen.

Sandal with Woven Straps and Celtic Symbol

These sandals were created for a bride who asked that we incorporate a Celtic symbol onto her shoes. These sandals can be used as a base for creating your personalized bridal shoes if you want to opt for a beachy or boho vibe. They would pair well with a less formal ensemble, such as a dress with a simple silhouette and a colourful bouquet.

Pumps with Mesh Sides with Embellished Heel

These pumps offer an example of another way of creating your personalized bridal shoes. The see-through fabric on the sides gives these shoes a more open and airy look, and the embellishment incorporates a feather design, but it could just as easily feature any design you like. These shoes would be perfect with an ensemble with straight-leg slacks or a princess skirt and could be used as reception shoes as well.

Open Strappy Lace and Gold

These open pumps pair perfectly with many different styles of dresses and trousers, making them a very versatile shoe. The gold on the straps pairs perfectly with the daintiness of the style of the shoe itself, making a subtle statement.

Pink Open Toe Pump with Gold Diamante

These embellished pink pumps bring in a bit of art deco glamour. Perfect with a 20s-inspired ensemble, these shoes are for a bride looking for a shoe that’s an elegant statement.

Sandals with Embellished Wing Shape

These airy sandals feature a wing-shaped design embellished with diamantes. Best suited for weddings with a nature theme, these sandals will perfectly pair with a maxi dress fit and a bouquet with succulents in it.

Crystal Buckles

Another way of creating your personalized bridal shoes is to add a crystal buckle. This allows you to match the accessory on your shoes to the rest of your jewelry.

Cream Silk with T-Bar and Crystal Buckle

These vintage shoes have had a touch of glamour and sparkle added to them by the crystal buckle. These shoes are versatile and could go with a wide range of dress or suit styles.

White Silk Pointy Toe Pump with Crystal Buckle

These white silk pumps have a dainty crystal buckle that is slightly off-centre, giving the shoe a little more personality. These shoes would pair well with a tea length A-line dress or wide leg slacks. Because of their simplicity, these shoes would match with a wide range of colour schemes.

Examples of Crystal Buckles

Here are some more examples of crystal buckles that can be added to perfectly create your personalized bridal shoes. Adding these crystal buckles has an additional cost, but in my opinion, it’s worth it to create the perfect personalized bridal shoe.


An even more personal way of making your personalized bridal shoes is to add a monogram. Whether that be “Mr.” on one shoe and “Mrs.” on the other (or “Mrs.” on both shoes), your initials, or simply the date, adding a monogram to your shoes makes them as unique as you.

CC Monogram

This is an example of adding your own initials to your shoes. This option works for non-wedding shoes as well. A simple monogram is a subtle way to add your own personal touch to your shoes.

Initials and Date Monogram

This is an example of having the couple’s initials and the wedding date on the shoes. This is perfect for any bride looking to give her partner an easy way of remembering their anniversary (or remembering it herself), or just a way to mark the occasion in a unique way.

Suze Monogram

Your monogram doesn’t have to be just initials-you can have your nickname written on them too. This is another example of a monogram that works on non-bridal shoes. This is also perfect for someone who has shoes that match someone else’s and hates getting them mixed up.

In addition to all of these options, we also offer to make your shoes with your own fabric, meaning that your veil and shoes can have the same lace. With all the options we have available, we do our best to ensure that you have your own personalized bridal shoes. Read about our summer bridal package to get started on buying your perfect shoes, or schedule a Skype style session to design the perfect shoes for your perfect day.