Mother of the bride outfits for summer weddings

How to find mother of the bride outfits for summer weddings

A wedding day is all about one woman, right, the bride? Wrong! Less women are becoming bridezillas, and realising that in fact, mums are a part of the big day too. Mother of the groom and mother of the bride outfits for summer weddings can be tricky. You don’t want to upstage your daughter (in law), but you know there’ll be attention on yourself. We’ve prepared some tips for the bride and groom’s mum, to bear in mind when you’re choosing your outfit.

Leave plenty of time to shop for your dress!

Around 6 months before the big day, the bride has likely chosen the chosen the colour theme of the big day. So, avoid blending into the bouquets, and choose a complimentary colour. For example, a rose red is beautiful when paired with pastels. A softer blue, or pink, highlights the boldness of the flowers.

But, if you don’t have time, check out our previous blog post. We’ve put together some outfits that would be an instant hit, no matter what type of wedding or occasion you’re attending.

Comfortable styles can be fashionable too

Confidence is the key to fashion. However, it can be hard to stay cool in warm temperatures, without showing too much skin- making mother of the bride outfits for summer weddings difficult. Although, don’t make yourself feel uncomfortable in a tight cocktail dress if you’d prefer to be in a breezy maxi dress. Or, if you’d prefer to be in a trouser suit, stay away from A-line skirts. Wear whichever style you feel comfortable in.

Low Heels Wedding Shoes

Keep your look simple

Consider classic styles, such as an LBD and a statement necklace, as a mother of the bride outfit for summer weddings. These looks are timelessly chic, and your outfit will always look good in photos. Unless you’re utterly confident, avoid bold prints that will go out of fashion! Otherwise you’ll look outdated in photographs a few years from now.

Mother of the Bride Style

Take Colour Cues From the Wedding Party

Sometimes all we need is an extra dose of inspiration, so why not get that from the ceremony?

Traditionally, the mother of the bride’s dress should complement the wedding party’s colours (though not necessarily match!). Although there’s no obligation to follow the tradition, the wedding decor colours can definitely help you to decide on colours and textures.

If you just want to incorporate little details from the celebration, designing your shoes for the special day with a specific material, colour or fabric may be a wise choice!

Another easy solution is adding a delicate Shoe Clip into your much-loved pairs, or even use them as a glamorous brooch in your outfit, handbag – or hair!

Bridal Shoe Clips
A delicate shoe clips may be all you need to complete your outfit.

Talk amongst yourselves

Imagine turning up in the same dress as the bride or groom’s mum. If that’s the scariest thing you can think off, avoid that nightmare and talk! Why not go shopping together? That way you can get to know each other, and sleep easy knowing that you’ll both look great on the big day.

Mother of the Bride

How we can help

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