Comfortable evening shoes

I think I speak for most women when I say, I have a love hate relationship with high heels. I’m sure we’ve all seen pictures of women walking home barefoot, high heels in their hand and throbbing pain in their feet. So, why do we grin and bear it? For years now, I have been looking for comfortable evening shoes, that I can keep on all night, wherever I end up.

We’ve broken down why high heels hurt our feet so much, and how you can have pain free feet for hours at a time. Whatever occasion you may have, a wedding, a birthday party, a big meeting- you shouldn’t have to plan to deal with painful heels. Plus, we’ve designed some inspiration for comfortable evening shoes, that won’t compromise your style.

Why do high heels hurt my feet so much?

Podiatrists, doctors who specialise in footcare, suggest the top reason for painful heels is wearing the wrong size shoe. They recommend we get our feet size measured once a year. Think you know your shoe size? Potentially, you could be wrong. As your body changes, your feet do too, they can grow a size bigger- especially after having children.

So, to have comfortable evening shoes, first of all, you need the right size.

So, here’s some comfortable evening shoes….

Leopard print deserves a home in every woman’s wardrobe!

These leopard print court shoes will make a statement with your favourite LBD, for an old glamour classic look. Just like the others in this post, this design is available on our designer, just select white leopard pony hair as your upper and a patent black heel.

Previously we’ve put together some outfits to help inspire you to add some leopard print to your everyday outfits. Why not check out our post on how to style leopard print?

Solely Original Shiny Pink Strappy HeelIt’s time to get a pedicure!

Often, women struggle to find open toe shoes that fit perfectly. Either they’re pinching our toes together tightly, or they’re too wide and our feet slip- it sometimes feels impossible. Our PrecisonFit service combats this, as our shoes may be made to your bespoke measurements. Now, you can have comfortable evening shoes that won’t leave a digging pain.

To inspire your own open toe sandals, we created this pair on our 3D designer.  Metallic pink leather is feminine and versatile, the soft pink colour is hot this season. Plus, the slingback heel means you can dress up or down, with a maxi dress or trouser suit.

Silk  is all over the catwalks right now. Also, it adds a luxe feel to any outfit, especially rich tones like this emerald green, pared with a softer light blue heel. Try this colour with pink tailored trousers, for a fun office look.

Plus, this design features a painted heel. After you’ve purchased shoes, it can be a hassle to keep them clean after every wear. Not everyone has the time to be cleaning their shoes every morning before rushing our of the door! Recently, we added painted heels to our 3D designer, the patent heel is scratchproof, and easily wiped clean. Now, there’s less worry about ruining your new pair of favourite shoes.

Design your dream shoes!

Bring your dream comfortable evening shoes alive, starting from your computer, and ending on your feet, by using our online 3D designer, featured on our website.