Fun Facts about Tartan

Red Tartan Solely Original hoes

For years, tartan has been a style statement, being a creative way to personalise an outfit. We’ve also spoken to many brides, not just from Scotland, who have added a touch of tartan to their big day. So, whether it’s a way to pay tribute to your heritage, or a way to jazz up an outfit- why do we love it so much?

Here are some fun facts about tartan- some may surprise you!

We’ve sent tartan shoes all around the world- and it’s no surprise!

Every province and territory in Canada has their own tartan, because there’s a lot of Scottish settlers. Plus, Canada celebrates a Tartan Day (April 6th) with the US, Australia, New Zealand- and Scotland! I can already hear the bagpipes.

The piece of tartan taken to space, signed by Alan Bean
The piece of tartan taken to space, signed by Alan Bean

When you think about astronauts- does tartan instantly come to mind?

During the 1969 Apollo 12 mission, Alan Bean took a swatch of McBean tartan to space. Don’t worry though, the red tartan isn’t floating around in space! Alan brought it home, and it was bought by a private buyer in an online auction in 2016.

Jun Takahashi, designer head to toe tartan look
Jun Takahashi tartan

Remaining a firm favourite on the catwalk, tartan is always a fashion trend.

Especially across the world in Japan; tartan is a popular street look. Designer Jun Takahashi even created a head to toe plaid look! In case this look is a little bit too much, remember that tartan shoes can be a great way to add a statement to your wardrobe.

Hello Kitty Scottish Tartan Range
Hello Kitty Scottish Tartan Range

Remember Hello Kitty?

Feline teddy bears and birthday parties? This might be one of the most fun facts about tartan. The cute, Japanese made toy received a very special 35th birthday present- a personalised tartan. After releasing a special edition of the toy in a pink checkered print, the British embassy in Tokyo even threw the Kitty a party! 

Ghilie Brogues
Ghillie Brogues

Traditionally, a man’s kilt is worn with Ghillie Brogues.

Made from strong, sturdy leather, with broguing detail. Our bespoke service means we are able to handcraft traditional shoes for you to pair with a heritage kilt, at a wedding or special event.

More about our tartan service

Our 3D designer features a tartan material, perfect for adding colour to your wardrobe. However, we can source your family’s personal tartan print, and use it to create your shoes. Alternatively, you can provide your own, all we need is one metre of the fabric!

Find out more about how to design your own tartan shoes on our blog, or start designing your pair today.