Introducing Sue Nelson | Story of a Female Founder

It’s not a secret that more and more women are corrupting the workforce. We’re getting the jobs, promotions and lifestyles we want. However, we’re working a whole bunch harder to try and get there. Someone who’s no stranger to working extra hard  in a male dominated industry is Sue Nelson. 

While Sue is crafting her career, we found out more about the woman behind the business. Including her fashion influences, her career highlights. 

A Q&A with Sue Nelson 

Who is Sue Nelson?

Now using her knowledge of the finance sector, Sue became the founder of Breakthrough Funding. Growing small businesses by breaking down industry jargon & adding some colour to tax consultancy. While she’s shaping small businesses, what does a female founder wear? In corporate environments, there’s pressure on women to look and act a certain way. How does Sue Nelson describe her personal style? 

‘Power Dressing is not for me, it’s all about looking smart but comfortable’ 

Whatever stage in your career- director or intern- we can all take a little advice on dressing professionally every now and then. “Dealing with founders and CEOS of small companies, I need to look professional,” Explains Sue. “But I like to look relaxed too.” Finding a balance is key. 

Sue Nelson Media Role
As founder, Sue puts herself at the front of the brand

Breaking the Glass Ceiling is Easy- When You’re Wearing the Right Shoes 

Before, Sue approached us as a customer. After speaking to many women in the same position as Sue- time poor, jam packed diaries and a slave to Google calendar– we knew exactly what she needed. After all, spending a 9-5 day in uncomfortable heels isn’t ideal for anybody. Why should small things like running after trains and standing up to present in meetings be made harder by uncomfortable shoes?

How did Solely Original help Sue Nelson?

“This is a bit revealing isn’t it?” Blushing at the thought of talking about feet, Sue opened up. “Unfortunately, as I’ve gotten older, my feet have got wider and… I have bunions.” Having these kinds of fitting issues isn’t uncommon, for women of all ages. “I’ve recommended Solely Original to all of my friends, and my two daughters, who are in their late twenties.”

What is the benefit of having shoes made to measure? “Being over 50, it gets harder to find comfortable shoes.” Explains Sue. Using our online 3D Designer, Sue expressed herself through her shoe design. Choosing your own material, colours, heel height and toe shape, you’re completely in control. Create your own Power Shoes here.

“Having your own style, but knowing you can spend all night in them and it won’t kill is a god send!”

Sue Nelson Designing her Shoes
An Example of a Unique Design Made With our Online 3D Designer

Having Your own Style as a Businesswoman 

Inspiring small companies all over the country- but who inspires Sue Nelson and her wardrobe? “Well, who doesn’t love the style of Audrey Hepburn?” Says Sue “Also, I’m not as confident as her, but I admire Tilda Swinton’s individuality. Julianne Moore, Cate Blanchett, Robin Wright are all women I would aspire to.” 

Mixing business and personality can be difficult, but we were happy to hear we have personally helped Sue along the way. Like most of our customers, Sue had fun designing her dream shoes. Matching materials and colours is all part of our experience. 

“For example, my daughters don’t have as much trouble finding comfortable shoes. They just love creating their own designs.” Finally, for Sue Nelson, tax consultant extraordinaire, what is her dream pair of shoes? “Oh, a pair of really comfortable, warm black leather knee high boots with a 5 cm heel.” 

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