Shoes Inspired by Birthstones

Birthstones are usually used in jewelry, but why not use them to create birthstone inspired shoes? Here at Solely Original, we believe inspiration can come from anywhere, and we were definitely inspired by these birthstones. Whether they come from the bible, zodiac, or various myths, they’ve become a staple in the fashion world.

January- Garnet

Shiny Red Leather Ankle Boot

These metallic red ankle booties are so perfect for January; they’re a good winter color, and the 3D designer has an option to add manmade fur to the lining, to keep your feet warm. The subtle purples in a garnet are reflected in this shoe, which is a perfect addition to anyone’s closet.

Upper: Metallic Red

Heel: Colour Black

February- Amethyst

Purple Silk Calf Boot

These purple silk calf boots are simple, yet elegant. With an option for manmade fur lining, these boots can keep you warm and stylish during the colder months. With a silver toetip reminiscent of the rings amethyst in which amethyst is often set, these boots will keep your shoes and jewelry matching.

Upper, Heel: Silk Light Purple

March- Aquamarine, Bloodstone

Two-Tone Blue High Heel Oxford

For the birthmonth for Susanna Granger (that’s me!), the Marketing and Comms Intern, I incorporated the two blue stones into two-tone blue oxfords. I decided to go with high heel oxfords for March, since they can be paired with springtime outfits, but can still work with cold weather outfits.

Toe Cap, Middle Panel, Heel: Vegan Leather Blue

Lace Panel, Top Panel: Soft Leather Baby Blue

Shoelaces: Colour Dark Blue

April- Diamond

Glittery Silver High Heel Sandal with Embellished Heel

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but these shoes are a close second in my book. I absolutely love glitter, and though they may not be the most versatile shoe, they’re definitely glittery. These are great party shoes, and with our custom fit, you’ll be able to party all night long.

Toe Straps, Ankle Strap, Back Cap, Platform: Glitter Silver

Heel: Heel Cover Square Crystals

May- Emerald

Green Silk High Heel Oxford with Glittery Gold Heel

As a Baylor student, I know just how perfect green and gold look together. So when I started the high heel oxford with the green silk, I couldn’t resist adding a glittery gold to the heel. The green silk is as shiny as May’s gem, the emerald. Our founder and CEO, Iris Anson, was born in May, and as the creator of Solely Original, she can understand the importance of being able to have shoes completely personal to you!

Toe Cap, Middle Panel, Lace Panel, Top Panel: Silk Green

Heel: Glitter Gold

Shoelace: Colour Yellow

June- Pearl, Alexandrite, Moonstone

White Silk Wedge Pump

These shoes are simple yet beautiful, like the pearls that inspired them. The white silk is classy and subtle, and the lighter sole keeps the shoe from being darkened. The wedge heel on these shoes makes them perfect for walking on the beach or on grass without losing stability.

Upper, Heel: Silk White

Sole: Colour Beige

July- Ruby

Low Heel Glittery Red Pump with Blue Bow

For the birthmonth of Katie Pennycook, our Marketing Apprentice, I paid homage to a classic shoe. You can’t think of rubies and shoes without thinking of Dorothy’s ruby red slippers. I used images from the classic Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film, The Wizard of Oz, to inspire this design. Oddly enough, MGM decided to go with ruby slippers instead of silver, as the story describes, to show off the new Technicolor™ technology. This plan paid off. Now, anyone who thinks of rubies combined with shoes thinks of Dorothy’s slippers. I decided to put a bow on the front of the shoe, to pay homage to Dorothy’s bright blue socks. We can’t provide the blue socks, but even if you decide to skip them, the classic colour combination is still there.

Upper, Heel: Glitter Red

Upper Accessory/ Trim: Colour Blue

August- Peridot, Sardonyx, Spinel

Green, Orange, and Metallic Red Gladiator Sandal

Red and orange may not always look good together, but I think that the green ties them together. Having the green on the structural pieces has an effect like bookends-they keep the things in between them together. I decided to go with a sandal because August is the end of summer and can still be a warm month, and these shoes will give your feet room to breathe.

Plain Straps: Metallic Red

Plaited Straps: Soft Leather Orange

T-Bar, Back Panel: Patent Green

September- Sapphire

Two-Tone Metallic and Glittery Dark Blue High Heel Oxford

These shiny and glittery blue high heel oxfords are like the stone that inspired them: eye-catching and jaw-droppingly blue. September’s birthstone, sapphire, is one of my favourites, and the shoe inspired by them is, too.

Toe Cap, Lace Panel, Top Panel, Heel: Metallic Royal Blue

Middle Panel: Glitter Blue

Shoelaces: Colour Dark Blue

October- Opal, Tourmaline

Grey and Blue Loafer with Blue and Green Tassle

Most opals have a white base, but the opal I based these loafers on has a grey base. I also made the tassel blue and the buckle green because those are the most dominant colours in the opal image. The dark blue on the toe matches the grey and ties back to the tassle, and like the stones, creates a perfect combination.

Toe Cap: Shiny Royal Blue

Upper: Shiny Dark Grey

Tassle: Colour Dark Blue

Buckle: Colour Green

November- Topaz, Citrine

The orange in November’s stones isn’t always easy to style, but with a winter outfit in neutral colours, these orange croc print and bronze booties can easily become a staple. Subtle enough to wear to the office, but still flashy enough to wear out, these shoes are perfect for someone looking for day-to-night shoes.

Upper: Croc Print Orange

Heel: Shiny Dark Bronze

December- Tanzanite, Zircon, Turquoise

Light Blue Suede High Heel Boot

The soft blue of the suede is very reminiscent of turquoise. I decided to go with suede because turquoise can be polished to a shine, but it often is left with a slightly matte finish. I chose a dark blue for the heel because I felt it reflected the gentle gradient that the stones have.

Upper: Suede Blue

Heel: Vegan Royal Blue

Inspired by these shoes? Want to create your own birthstone inspired shoes? Head over to our 3D designer or schedule a Skype style session to create the perfect shoe to pair with your birthstone.

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