Style Guide: Which 90s trends are back?

You must have heard it by now? Legally Blonde 3 has been confirmed by Reese Wetherspoon, and we couldn’t be more excited! Featuring the story of how Elle Woods- the ‘dumb blonde material girl’- proves everyone wrong, studying to become a lawyer and becoming a courtroom hot shot, the 90’s movie is a classic feminist favourite. However, now our favourite 90s movies are being revived- so are the fashions right?…

Which 90s trends are back?

First of all, slip dresses

Slinky, sultry, and bang on trend. Strappy dresses have been a fashion highlight for a few years- and they’re not going anywhere. After all, they’ve been endorsed by celebs in the street, and red carpet. Including fashion visionary Rihanna, who must have an entire wardrobe of them!

Which 90s trends are back - slip dresses
Rihanna wearing Slip Dresses

Plus, we’ve created the perfect strappy heels to go with your strappy dress! Styling the shoes in other ways is super easy- they’re so versatile, and belong in every wardrobe. Here’s three ways, just in case the 90s trends aren’t for you.

Afterwards, steal your boyfriends clothes

Which 90s trends are back? Well, this is our favourite! Boyfriend jeans, baggy shirts, hoodies- it’s supermodel approved. Now, dressing down is the new dressing up. You know when you run errands, look in the mirror and just think, ‘I hope no one sees me’? Well, you shouldn’t worry- you’re just scoring extra fashion points.

Next up, Bold Colours

The 90s were all about powerdressing- the beginning of modern girl power! We’re celebrating the announcement of Legally Blonde 3, and feminism with our limited edition Elle Hot Pink Suede Court Shoes. Featuring a cone heel, the practical heels spice up any outfit- in or out the office. We want women to stop being afraid to wear pink!


Another trend is; matching colours throughout your outfit. Different shades of bolder colour looks, well, pretty good. Colour co-ordinating with updated colours is a great way to refresh the trend. Why not start with the colour of the year, ultraviolet. Begin reading about how to style the biggest colour of the year.

Remembering which 90s trends are back in fashion can be a tricky, hopefully we’ve helped nail it for you! Feeling confident is the key to fashion!

It might be a while before Legally Blonde 3 hits our cinemas. In the meantime- releasing this month is our Elle Hot Pink Suede Court Shoes. Why not help us celebrate one the biggest 90s trends- girl power! Visit our pre-designed collection today.