Design Guide: Really Comfortable Evening Sandals with A Heel

Holidays can be stressful- sometimes, you need another break after a holiday to recover! Packing a suitcase full of bikinis, your beach books and towels can be a nightmare to organise- we want to make it easier for you! Starting with your shoes- we want to help you find a pair of really comfortable evening sandals, with a heel.

Flip flops have been our holiday go-to for a long time. Lightweight, disposable and comfy- what’s not to love? However, they’re not very stylish. Finding a pair of evening shoes can be a hassle- so design your own. Here’s a guide of how to design really comfortable evening sandals with a heel.

Begin your design

To create your design, first of all, select ‘High Heel Sandals’ from our online 3D designer.

really comfortable evening shoes with a heel, high heeled sandals
High Heel Sandals



Second, choose your heel

Before, you may have stuck to wedges, a failproof comfortable heel. However, now you can branch out of your comfort zone, our shoes are guranteed to be a comfortable fit. Featuring a memory foam sole, your heels will cushion your feet all evening- giving you an excuse for a late night. In case you need anymore help on choosing what kind of heels are best, check out our previous blog post. Here, to design really comfortable evening sandals with a heel, we’ve used a 4 inch stiletto.

Next, choose your material

Adding pink leopard hair to the high heel sandal design
Pink Leopard Hair

First of all, we’ve added a splash of colour to the toe straps. Here we’ve used pink leopard hair. The toe straps are instantly a statement, and compliment your holiday pedicure. Although we’ve used pink leopard hair on both straps, they’re entirely customisable and don’t have to be the same!

Have some shoes to hold yourself comfortably.

Next, we have an ankle strap. The secret to really comfortable evening sandals with a heel is feeling secure. The strap sits perfectly on your ankle, making sure your foot doesn’t slip around, no matter how much you walk. Plus, the olive green suede looks fantastic with a tan!



Adding an Olive Green Suede Ankle Strap
Olive Green Suede Ankle Strap
Adding an olive green suede back cap to the high heel design
Olive Green Suede Back Cap

The back cap, is the piece of the shoe that rests against your heel. On request, we can add a heel grip to help prevent blisters, for extra comfort. With this design, we’ve chosen Olive Green Suede to match the ankle strap.

Finally, the heel!

Adding a dark grey, soft leather heel to your design
Dark Grey Soft Leather Heel

The heel is the last part of your design. Here, we’ve continued the neutral tones, with a dark grey soft leather. However, another option could be our painted heels- scratchproog, glossy and chic, to prevent any damage.

Really comfortable evening sandals with a heel- made for you?

Our custom made process is available in two sizes- your standard size or PrecisionFit. Our PrecisionFit means we create a personalised shoe mould, based on your fitting measurements- guranteeing a perfect fit, for any occasion. Find out more about how our PrecisionFit service works here. 

Or, begin designing your own really comfortable evening sandals with a heel today.