Style Guide: Comfortable Flat Shoes For Work

Workplace dress codes can be irritating, can’t they? After filling your work wardrobe with LBD’s and pencil skirts, it can be uninspiring. After a long commute, being on your feet all day, heels just aren’t an option sometimes. So, we’ve put together some ways you can make comfortable flat shoes for work exciting again- by designing your own.

Celebrities have to follow dress codes too!

Apparently, even celebrities have to follow un-glamourous dress codes. Recently, actress and model Kristen Stewart took off her heels while walking the red carpet at star-studded Cannes Film Festival. Admirably, Kristen was taking off her Louboutins to protest the festival’s sexist unspoken rule of turning women away from events unless they’re wearing heels. Kristen thought barefoot was better!

We believe women should feel empowered and comfortable in their shoes- it’s up to you to decide what your style is! Kiristen Stewart taking off her heels

Where can I find comfortable flat shoes for work?

Well- here! Our online 3D designer allows you to bring your dream shoe designs to life– embellishments, materials, colours- we can handcraft the design on your screen. Plus, our pre-designed collection features some ballet pumps, that are feminine and fashionable.

Using these shoes, we’ve put together a list of ways to design comfortable flat shoes for work- that don’t have to be boring.

First, add an embellishment to your shoes!

Now we know flat shoes don’t have to be boring, get creative. An embellishment can be a subtle way to make your flat shoes less plain, and more exciting. Although our 3D designer offers a handful of embellishments, don’t shy away. Our shoemakers can create any embellishment requested, by hand. Also, we can also source specific accessories for you.

As seen on…

Our Shop the Look collection features these exclusive Flossie Light Blue Ballet Pumps. With a silky material and a dainty thin bow, these ballet pumps are feminine yet versatile.

Comfortable flat shoes for work, Flossie Light Grey

Try a bolder print

Sometimes, flat shoes can become forgettable. However, our 3D designer features a range of animal prints, in various colours. A statement print can make your shoes the center of your whole outfit, making them mature and stylish. We’re picturing office chic! Just like exclusive, pre-designed our Fiona snakeskin ballet pumps. Combining the embellishment with the black and white snakeskin print is classy and feminine.

Neutral doesn’t have to be boring!

Comfortable flat shoes for work; quilted pumps
Just contact us for this design

If your boss is insisting on plain footwear- don’t give in! However, having shoes in neutral tones makes them more versatile, and can match with almost any outfit. These Chanel-esque quilted pumps have a brown shade, that compliments any skin tone. Plus, just like every pair of our shoes, they feature a memory foam sole that cushions your feet all day.

What to do next…

Update your work wardrobe ASAP! Begin designing your own shoes today, and begin creating your dream pair of shoes! Or, view our pre-designed collection here, for made to order shoes.