Something old, new, borrowed and blue ideas

Something old, new, borrowed and blue ideas for a modern bride

Something old, new, borrowed and blue ideas for a modern bride

Following traditions can be hard for a modern bride, there’s a line between frumpy and chic. Especially, the something old, new, borrowed and blue tradition! Your grandma wants you to wear her brooch, but you don’t have the heart to tell her it clashes with your flowers? Here are some ways to creatively involve your family, and have the stylish wedding you deserve. But, there’s a catch- all these ideas involve your footwear! This way, your shoes will always have a sentimental meaning, that you can remember after your wedding.

Starting with something old…

One way to involve your family, is to recreate their wedding shoes. Of course, they may not fit or they may be a little to old to clean up. However, we can make them for you! Our shoemakers handmake any design, as we’ve previously written about, in a loving process.  Whether it’s your mum, grandma or auntie, seeing their own wedding shoes in a new light, is a touching gesture to your loved ones.

Feel free to contact us today to discuss your design and fittings with our footwear experts. something old, new, borrowed and blue

Next, something new…

Well, one way to begin your new life with your new husband or wife is- new shoes! Our PrecisionFit service gurantees your shoes will be a one-of-a-kind pair. During your design process, why not add a mongram? Embroidering your wedding date or initials on your new shoes can be a great way to remember your wedding day for years to come. After all, something old, new, borrowed and blue is a time to be creative and wow your guests with intimate details.

Plus, something borrowed…

Well, it’s hard to borrow anything for this suggestion, but we’ll pretend! Using our custom design process, we can make shoes from a material provided by you. This could be lace from your own, or a loved one’s wedding dress, or even a personal item. Do you have a scarf, a t shirt or dress that reminds you of a family member? We need 1m of fabric to turn your item in a pair of gorgeous memoribilia, just contact us! 

Finally, something blue

Perhaps the easiest option- something blue. Recently, Meghan Markle honoured the tradition with blue soles on her wedding shoes- why not try the same thing? Or, our material gallery offers various shades of blue fabrics- we have even more available upon request!

As shown here, our designer has flat shoes available- perfect for dancing all night in your wedding reception.

Shoe Clips

Another delicate way to honour the tradition is adding a gorgeous shoe clip to your paris.

The detachable bridal shoe clips can be added to all shoes you have chosen for the big day, from the ceremonial heels to the reception flats.

Bridal Shoe Clips

Shoe clips are also a great way of adding the “something blue” to your special day. Plus, you can use the shoe clips in any other pair of shoes you have after the wedding – like a lovely memory of your big day!

Exclusive Promotion

A great way to include your mum, your mother in law to be, is our PrecsionFit promotion package. Buy one pair, get the second half price or, buy three pairs, and get your 4th free. Designing your shoes together will be a great way to spend time together during crazy wedding planning. After you’ve designed your shoes, contact us to redeem the promotion.

What Next?

After you’ve decided how to add something old, new, borrowed and blue, visit our website. Start designing today, or view our bridal promotion.