Wholesale Shoe Manufacturer FAQs

The team behind wholesale custom shoes

Since we’ve been a business, we’ve been helping hundreds of women find their perfect shoe designs. But, where do you go if you want to share your design with your own customers or clients? Helping designers bring their shoes to life, ready for a collection. Or stylists, meeting the needs of their clients. When researching a wholesale shoe manufacturer, you might have some questions- here’s a post to answer them!

Wholesale Shoe Manufacturer FAQs

What’s your minimum order?

Simple- there isn’t one. Usually, a wholesale shoe manufacturer has a minimum order- which isn’t always practical. Ordering dozens of pairs at a time isn’t suitable for everybody. If you only need 5 pairs- that’s absolutely fine!

Where are they made?

Our workspace is in China. Using the talents of a team who have 50+ years of experience in traditional shoemaking. Maintaining a fair workspace is important to us, our founder Iris Anson has close connections to our production team.

Do you ethically source materials?

Although it’s assumed a wholesale shoe manufacturer compromises on the quality of material- it’s not for us! We provide a choice and a full range of ethical vegan leather is available.

Can I use my own material?

Often, designers come to us with embrodiery or screen printed fabrics, for example. Using 1m of the fabric, we can create a pair of shoes. Alternatively, we can source fabrics and embellishments for you, if you have a certain idea in mind.

How much does postage cost?

After talking to designers across the world, one thing a wholesale shoe manufacturer can catch them out on is delivery costs. We understand how important budgeting is for designers when a concept is put in production.

Providing our clients with free shipping, and a quote at the beginning of the process means there are no hidden costs.

How do I get started?

Regarding wholesale designs, we advise contacting us. Sending us an email, with your design and quantity requirements will start the conversation- and you’ll soon have your designs brought to mind.