Fashion Inspiration: Red Shoes for Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner! It’s the best time of the year, which means sparkly lipstick, dramatic bows, and festive nail polish. Everyone wants to look their best for the family, so make sure you have an outfit picked out just in time to look great on the special holiday!

Traditional Christmas colors are usually red, white, and green, but try enhancing your look by playing around with different shades of these colours. As young children, we always dreamt of a white Christmas but let’s switch things up this year. Let’s dream of red! Red flowers, red scarves, red peppermint chunks in our hot chocolate. It’s everywhere around us during this holiday so let’s add it to our outfits as well! Red shoes always know how to make an entrance. It is the color of love, joy, and celebration. Whether it be heels, flats, or boots, Solely Original knows how to handle them for Christmas. So here are some of our red shoes for Christmas!

Red Tartan

Red shoes for Christmas
Loving these elegant red tartan heels for any Winter holiday.

What better way to be in the Christmas spirit than with our red tartan shoes? This classic design is timeless. They are a constant holiday favourite and you’ll want to wear them for the rest of December.

Paige Red Ballet Pumps

Red shoes for Christmas
A pop of red can brighten any day you’re having!

It’s all about the bows! Our ballet pumps add the perfect amount of holiday cheer to Christmas Day. They are perfect for sipping hot chocolate by the fire, or going for a morning stroll through the neighborhood. The gold accent on the heel will show a little flash of your festive personality.

Agnes Red Strappy Heels

Red shoes for Christmas
These red strappy heels can be paired with any outfit during the holidays.

Our heels are great for any holiday dinner. They will keep you looking elegant during anything your holidays may bring. Your look will definitely be memorable with this pair. Use our Shop the Look Campaign to get your red shoes for Christmas now.

All of these shoes are a hit when it comes to staying on trend during Christmas. But why are we so attracted to the colour? What is the Power of red?

No other color has such a strong appeal. When interviewed for Vogue, Christian Louboutin stated that the color red was a “universal signpost for passion, happiness, and fortune, a colour of energy and love.” His designs of a red sole on shoes was a revelation. Louboutin redefined the color and created the desire that it holds today. He created a statement colour that was never seen as a necessity in a wardrobe like how it is today. So for your Winter season, get your hands on a pair of red shoes for Christmas. Or even design your own using our 3D designer!

Make sure to have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us here at Solely Original! Set up a free Skype consultation with a stylist here at Solely Original who can help you design your dream pair.