Shoes to Wear to Winter Wonderland

Shoes to wear to Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is finally upon us. Everyone is rushing over to Hyde Park to experience a piece of the magic. Whether it be with family or friends, every individual has two goals in mind; stay warm and take really cute photos for Instagram (obviously). Surely enough, you can do both of those things in our shoes. 😉

Plan your visit to the Bavarian Village, Santa Land, or if you’re like me, head straight to Bar Ice to sip on a couple of cocktails. No matter what your plan is, we have you covered! So here are our favourite shoes to wear to Winter Wonderland.

The Buckled Bootie

Shoes to wear to Winter Wonderland
We love these perfect for walking booties!

A flat shoe is one of the most important things to consider when heading to Winter Wonderland. This little boot matches with virtually anything. Check out the entirety of the Bavarian Village without having to worry about hurting your feet. These shoes step up any look and you’ll instantly feel special on your night out.

The Festive Flats

Shoes to wear to Winter Wonderland
These elegant tartans fit with the Winter theme.

These ballet pumps truly embody the feeling of Christmas. You’ll fit right in with the theme while wearing these adorable tartan shoes. This pair will stand out with a simple pair of jeans, a solid pea coat, and a cute little pom-pom hat. So kick your feet up at The Fire Pit and snap a couple pictures while roasting marshmallows, because you’ll be the perfect little snow bunny in this pair.

The Simple Beige

Shoes to wear to Winter Wonderland
What a classic necessity!

If you’re like me, then you love high heels. No matter what size, shape, or form, you would sleep in them if you could (and trust me I have). So if you never leave the house without your heels, then these cute boots are for you. They’re comfortable, neutral, and they cover your entire foot, ensuring warmth. You’ll love these shoes so much that you’ll refuse to take them off.

Don’t let your outfit be held back by wearing your old snow boots. Yuck. Try something different with our favourite shoes to wear to Winter Wonderland. They are stylish, comfortable, and most importantly, they will keep your feet happy.

Once you’re comfortable, you can start to enjoy living in the moment! Look good without sacrificing feeling good! So be adventurous and check out our 3D designer and create your own perfect Winter Wonderland pair now.