Shoes that Match Your Personality

Shoes that match your personality

If you’re like me, then you constantly look for shoes that match your personality. Whenever I head out to do some shopping I go straight for the pieces that are cute and girly. I’ve always been more of a person who enjoys elegance and class. On the other hand, my identical twin sister has the opposite style. She often lunges for the statement pieces that she describes as “bohemian chic.” I have always found it amazing that two individuals, brought up in the same way, in the same household, by the same parents, could develop such very different styles. But then again, in a way, it saved us. Style is what makes us each unique and helps us stand apart from each other. It defines us as who we really are.

So what better way to show off who you are than by wearing shoes that match your personality? Here is a look at some of our favourites.

The Girly-Girl

Shoes that match your personality
These cute little ballet pumps are great for any occasion.

If you’re a girly-girl, like me, and love anything with colour and bows, then you will fall in love with our Paige Red Ballet Pumps. With a touch of gold on the heel, they make any girl feel like a princess. These classy chic pumps will never fail to impress and will show off your polite, lovely, personality. You step out of the door everyday knowing you look good. And you feel good too!

The Causual Beauty

Shoes that match your personality
The best little ballet flat for your busy routine.

Sit back, relax, and look effortlessly beautiful in these ballet pumps. You love to feel feminine and pretty while enjoying comfort. Although staying casual does not require much, you still want to dress to impress. This flat is perfect for doing just that. It pairs with virtually anything. Dress it up for work and feel confident heading out to the pub after. This shoe is for anyone who admires the simplicity in life.

The Edgy One

Shoes that match your personality
Loving this bootie, perfect for any edgy girl.

Being edgy is all about following your dreams and not caring about who gets in your way. In fashion, you push the boundaries of what is normally worn and love things that stand out. Our Jodie Red High Heel Suede Boot with leather straps and golden studs will definitely show off your edgy side. Don’t be afraid to challenge the norm and create your own style!

The Life of the Party

Shoes that match your personality
Keep the party going all night with this pair!

Who doesn’t love a little attention? If you love our Agnes Red Strappy Heels then you are probably a vivacious and social person. It will always be a fun night when you’re around! Don’t be afraid to flaunt your personality. These shoes will definitely compliment you. Pair it with a little black dress and let them stand out just like you do!

The Artist

Shoes that match your personality
Show off your originality with these lovely booties.

You value creativity, originality, and independence. Whether it be painting, singing, dancing, or writing, you always know how to express your uniqueness. Your amazing artistic abilities will definitely be reflected by our Betty Colourful High Heel Boots. These shoes will show your confidence and show that you have something to bring to the table.

The easiest way to shop is by purchasing things that match your personality. You ask yourself “is this me?” So to begin this entire endeavor, you must ask yourself, “what is my personality?” This is often a tricky question because it makes you do a little self-exploration. Are you a girly girl like me that loves anything pink or lace? Or do you like edgy items with studs and graphic tees? No matter what your style, we have a shoe for you! Find out what you relate with by taking this quick quiz to see which shoe matches your personality best!

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