A Solely Original Winter Wedding

Solely Original Winter wedding

I have been planning my wedding ever since I was little. To this day, “Say Yes to the Dress” is still one of my favourite television shows. Creating an entire day just the way you want it is an exciting task, but everyone agrees it can be overwhelming. From the dress, to the cake, to the music, and the decorations, it can get to be a lot! Once the excitement of the engagement settles and the planning begins, it becomes hard to think about yourself. You begin to put your guests interests in front of your own so everyone can enjoy your day with you. But we never forget about our bride! You want to be able to appreciate your day and celebrate your marriage, so forget about the stress and love every moment of this crazy journey. This post is dedicated to all the brides going through this ride of a lifetime. Here’s a little inspiration for a perfect Solely Original Winter wedding.

The Dress

Solely Original Winter Wedding
A little fur wrap is such a cute touch.

So the day has finally come and it is time to channel those princess vibes. Let’s get that dress out! For our Solely Original Winter wedding, we love the idea of a flowing gown with a little fur shawl. This is such a cute way to keep you comfortable while keeping in style with the season. Don’t be afraid to add your own touches to it! Whether it be a fur cape with a hood, a small fur wrap, or even a white blazer with fur lining, remember to go with what fits your personality! Get some more inspiration from bridal week here.

The Shoes

Solely Original Winter wedding
Love this elegant pair with satin fabric and pearl detailing!

Let’s not forget about the shoes! Our favourite part! Satin, pearls, and a little bit of sparkle define our beloved pair of wedding shoes. Since I desire elegance in everything that I do, pearls are my go-to way for adding a little bit of class in my outfit. It’s important not to forget who you really are on your day! I believe that this beautiful pair of heels tie in with any wedding. The satin colouring adds something a little different, tying in with the wintry theme. With these shoes you’ll be sure to be dancing all night long. Shop our wedding shoes now!

The Bridesmaids

Solely Original Winter Wedding
There’s nothing better than navy dresses!
Solely Original Winter Wedding
Add a little glam to make your girls feel special too!

So what about your bridesmaids? For our Solely Original Winter wedding we go for darker colors like navy or maroon. Give their outfit a little sparkle with this pair. This will help their outfits tie in with the theme of Winter without taking away from the spotlight that is on you! Remember to keep the coloring consistent during a wedding and let their natural beauty take over. The simple blend of navy and white will look stunning with the snowy backdrop.

The Cake

Solely Original Winter Wedding
This cake matches perfectly with our shoes!

It’s the little touches that matter. Like how this cake matches with our shoes! With the little things in mind like this, your wedding is sure to look put together and seem like it was effortless. So cut that cake and eat a slice too!

The Venue

Solely Original Winter Wedding
Make your venue into the perfect Winter wonderland.

So where are we going to have this magnificent wedding? Anywhere can be perfect as long as we know how to style it. As a personal preference of mine, I love when everything is white. What is more perfect than a white wonderland in Winter? With a white isle, white chairs, and even white flowers hanging from the ceiling, you’re going to have the feeling of Winter in your venue as well! Adding little touches like pine branches make it really feel like you’re outside in the snow, without having to endure the cold of course!

Our Solely Original Winter wedding is a fantasy of white flowers and pearls, but whatever your dream wedding is, we definitely are able to make the shoes for it! Treat yourself, and your feet, and don’t forget how important comfort is on your special day.

Make sure to get some more inspiration on our previous blog post on “Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue Ideas.” If you know exactly what you’re looking for then start designing now on our 3D designer! We wish you the best of luck in your wedding endeavors and hope that we can be a part of it!