Use PANTONE’s Colour of The Year Every Day at Home

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In theme with this year’s PANTONE colour, Samantha Espadrille Platform Wedges!

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Each year, colour experts PANTONE crown a shade ‘Colour of The Year’. Determining which palette you’ll be seeing everywhere from interior design, runways and art collections. So, what exactly is PANTONE- it sounds like a spell straight out of Harry Potter, right? Well, they’re more science than magic, depending on which way you look at it. Here’s exactly who they are, and ways to use PANTONE’s colour of the year every day.

Who are PANTONE?

Well, PANTONE are kinda colour geniuses. After spending a year studying colour psychology, power and emotions evoked, the colour insitute is known for forecasting runway colours and brand’s visual and product identity. So this years colour is Living Coral, a warm pink shade that can make a space more warming and comforting. Here are some accessories that are great for updating your home for trends!

Which ways to use PANTONE’s Colour of The Year Every Day… at home

Ways to use Pantone's colour of the year everyday in your home, small accessories
Pic from KateCharltonCeramics

Keeping it in the Small Details

First of all, Living Coral is a great colour to embellish your home with- commitment free is the way forward! Here are some products we love, and think would be a fab feature in any size home.

As an independent business, we believe it’s important to support other independent businesses- if you don’t water the flowers, they don’t grow and all. Plus, handmade, original items are great at making a home look personal and cosy.

Starting off with small features, this cute cone shaped ring holder. Handmade by etsy seller KateCharltonCeramics, every piece is a unique one off. Ideal for holding your gems and jewels and looks great while doing it! Imagine this on your bedside table, or in the backdrop of your bathroom.

 Ring Holder


Ways to use Pantone's colour of the year in your home everyday
Pic courtesy of CatherineRoweDesigns


Swoon worthy Soft Furnishings

Before you run to the DIY store to fill up a trolley with tins of paint- remember making a statement is just as effective! Using soft furnishings is a great way to transition between trends and seasons, without committing to real hard work.

For example, this gorgeous coral coloured printed cushion. Using illustrated seahorses by Catherine Rowe, thimakes an individual touch to a couch. Also, if you’re obsessing as much over the quaint print as much as we are, it’s also available in a made to order wallpaper print.

Seahorse Cushion



Pic from Ffilw



Don’t get Hung Up!

Finally, talking of statements, what about a wall hanging? One of the ways to use PANTONE’s colour of the year every day at home is by mixing colours and textures. Great for brightening small spaces, with a quirky touch. Available on Ffliw’s Etsy store, in limited quanties, handmade creations like this are definitely a labour of love, bound to sell out quickly!

Wall hanging:


For more inspiration on ways to use PANTONE’s colour of the year every day, check out our next blog in the series, featuring tips and tricks for updating your beauty bag with the lively shade.