Wedding Themes to Surprise Guests

Wedding themes to Surprise Guests- Safari Style

Weddings- the happiest day of your life or a planning nightmare? Misplacing a table centre piece can be enough to make you want to call the whole thing off and move to a Peruvian hut and become a solitary goat herder. Or so I’ve heard… But, what happens when you don’t really want the mainstream influencer wedding? We’re encouraging brides to reclaim weddings- without the pressure, and getting teary over invitation envelopes.

Here are some wedding themes to surprise your guests

Go on a Wedding Adventure- Safari Style!


Wedding themes to Surprise Guests- Safari Style
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First of all, we’re all aware that Summer is peak wedding season. How do you avoid your big day getting lost in the crowd? Instead of bouncing between barn conversions and white balloons, make your wedding an unforgettable experience.

Ideal for a couple who are animal lovers- turn your patio wedding into a Safari adventure. Decorate a yard with sculptures and artwork of your favourite animals. Plus, install a petting zoo as a fun feature. Think about it- would you rather be taking pics with props or actual baby chicks?

Also, when we’re talking wedding themes to surprise guests, go the whole extra mile. Add a little taster to your outfit and for finding shoes that perfectly complement your theme, we’re here to help! To me, Safari calls for an exotic print- like these bridal cheetah print court shoes. Classy animal print is versatile and looks great with white. Unless, you’re going the whole whole mile and choosing a leopard print dress- now that’s truly wild. (Get it?)


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz


Wedding Themes to Surprise Guests- Wizard of Oz
Designed using Our 3D Designer

Featuring the original magical movie in your wedding day is setting yourself up to take the Wedding of the Year slot- not that it’s competition, obviously. But still- this will make your day even harder to forget. Think rustic forest decorations with hearts and magic touches to have a true fairy tale big day- remembering a childhood classic with a heart warming spin.

Plus- wedding themes to surprise guests doesn’t come easier to co-ordinate. Wearing your very own pair of Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers will have you clicking your heels all day long! Adding a little extra- a monogram on the soles of your shoes makes for some pretty cool pictures. Selecting the monogram option on our 3D designer will give you the prettiest wedding shoes you could wish for.  Without your house being swooped up in a hurricane and all that.


Go back in time for a Day


Audrey Silver Wedding Shoes
Available in Our Shop the Look Collection

Finally- what era would you go back to if you could time travel? Would you go petticoats and corsets, or red lipstick and midi skirts? Choosing a romantic time period is one of the fun wedding themes to surprise guests with. For example, the 1950s. Adding a cute diner setting, with 1950s big band music guarantees on heck of a wedding party!

Owing to 1950s style, why not wear a swing dress on your big day? The puffy skirts and flattering shape will be a talking point of the big day. Another pro point- the shorter length shows off your shoes! Going full glam with glitter- just like our Audrey Silver Court Shoes.




Which one of the wedding themes to surprise your guests will you choose?

Whichever direction you want your big day to take- go for it! Personality is what makes a wedding day so special- theme or not. Designing your own shoes is a touch to add to your plan- starting with our online 3D Designer.