Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration

Audrey Silver Shoes- valentine's day outfit inspiration

What’s your view on Valentine’s Day? Are you googling ‘easy date night recipes’ as we speak, or do you hate it? To be honest, ever since I’ve read the conspiracy theory that it was invented by Hallmark to help with selling cards- I can’t see past it! Although, rather than scoffing all the heart shape chocolates you can find- make the most of the day! Here’s some Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration- with some date inspiration thrown in for good measure.

Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration

Eat Your Heart Out

First thoughts for Valentine’s Day- dinner and drinks! Forget the closest steakhouse- go for dinner with a twist. Sitting down in a futuristic design, with an Asian menu. Plus, a small detail, surprise circus and cabaret acts running across tables. London’s Circus restaurant is quirky and memorable- don’t settle for ordinary.

A key for Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration is to dress to the theme. As this is an adventurous dinner- mix your outfit too! Adding a little glitter to your outfit is always a good idea, right? Surprisingly, silver glitter is incredibly versatile! Usually, red is the theme for Valentine’s day- so if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

Pairing our Audrey Silver Court Shoes with a red bodycon dress is definitely a knock out combo!


Audrey Silver Shoes- valentine's day outfit inspiration
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Climbing the Walls

If a sit down dinner and drinks isn’t your kind of thing- get active! Now more and more gyms are including a rock climbing wall as a new way to exercise. Plus, they make an exciting date activity! There are centres popping up all over the country- with trampolines, climbing walls and daredevil jumps if you want a challenge.

What to wear? Health and Safety (stop yawning!) stops you from wearing heels or sandals- trampolining in stilettos doesn’t sound safe, does it? So, Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration can be a little trickier when you don’t have an option to jazz it up with high heels.

However- flats aren’t boring, it’s kind of our motto round here. Featuring our Joyce Leather Brogues. Using the tie up laces make them safe and supportive- and super trendy. Using the silver accents, wearing a cool graphic tee to match makes your outfit go from casual to well, less casual.




Joyce Leather Brogues

Getting Cultured at the Theatre

Traditionally, ballets are super posh- think ballgowns and royal families. However, recently ballets are more accessible, you can buy tickets online at any point! London’s Royal Opera House is a hot point for world class shows. If you can’t make it to Central London- why check out the listings for your latest theatre? It’s kind of a grown up cinema date.

Before, we mentioned fitting your outfit to a theme- what better Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration is there than a ballet? Dressing up in an elegant outfit is great at turning your night into an experience. Tying a cute cocktail dress with a pair of our Betty Colourful High Heel Oxfords for a comfortable yet elegant accessory to your look.

Valentine's Day outfit inspiration
Betty Colourful High Heel Oxfords

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