Solely Original: A Made to Measure Shoe Service Made Easy

Made to Measure Service


After arrival for your design consultation with Solely Original, tea/coffee will be offered. As a made to measure shoe service, the entire process takes the client into consideration taking up to an hour of your day. During the design consultation, you will be showed 10-15 sample shoes in a variety of shoe styles giving you a glimpse of the final product.

An extra benefit of scheduling a design consultation, is the ability to see a larger variety of materials that can be used during the design process. The amount of possibilities that Solely Original offers for a made to measure shoe service are endless.

PrecisionFit Scanning

One of the key features of the design consultation is the PrecisionFit scanning  process. The PrecisionFit scanning process makes Solely Original a unique shoe making manufacturer. Instead of being sent the fitting kit through the mail, the PrecisionFit Scanning process is quicker and easier! The entire design consultation is based on your availability and schedule. The ability to discuss the design process ranging from fitting issues to the materials being used is an extra bonus!


leopard court shoes in solely original shoe box

If satisfied with design consultation, you can order after the consultation. Ordering from Solely Original is essentially cheaper and quicker than going to your traditional shoe maker. If you are in a rush your shoes regardless of the occasion you can opt for express delivery which costs £60 and takes up to 2 weeks. While if you are in less of a rush you can opt for standard delivery, which is free and takes up to 6 weeks.

Solely Original’ design consultation makes the made to measure shoe service as easy as possible. The power to design custom made shoes for a variety of occasions has never been easier. Schedule a free design consultation to start designing!