Moments you missed from the Met Gala 2019

What is the Met Gala, I hear you ask…

And well, even if you didn’t ask I’ll explain anyway. The Met Gala is for fashion and showbiz’s elite and basically the fanciest fancy dress party ever. Vogue’s chief editor Anna Wintour sets a theme, and the exclusive guest list arrive in suitably dazzling outfits. Plus, in a world where they have the fashion industry’s best creative minds and hands to, erm hand(?) the results are usually extra OTT. Here are the moments you missed from the Met Gala 2019.

Mugler’s coming out of retirement

kim kardashian west, moments you may have missed

First of all, avant garde designer Thierry Mugler broke his 20 year absence from House of Mugler, to create a dripping piece for Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West. Winning awards for the Tightest Dress, the nude ensemble featured hanging beads and sequins. Plus, Kim’s impeccable contoured make-up and tousled hair channeled a vibe that said; “I’ve just crawled out of a beautiful underwater city and I’m a wave goddess” Totally relatable for when we’re on the beach in Marbella in a few weeks time.

Plus, one of the moments you missed from the Met Gala 2019 is Kim’s husband Kanye West. In an understated (read: Plain Jane) look , the American rapper opted for a zip up bomber jacket at the core of his look, that retails for around £30. Haute Couture, where?

Celine goes Camping


The 2019 theme was Notes on Camp, paying tribute to the ferocity, the extravagance and the extreme nature of all things camp. Or, as pop diva Celine Dion initially thought- a quick trip to the forest. Before Celine arrived in a parka with a thermos mug of herbal tea, Oscar de la Renta stepped in. Instead, Celine stepped onto the millennial pink carpet with a risque length mini dress, complete with bedazzled, floor length fringing and a delicate headpiece. Something tells me Oscar de la Renta’s couture studio is much more glam than a quick trip to Go Outdoors.

Pop star turned androgynous rock star

Harry Styles, moments you may have missed from the met gala 2019

Before the rock n roll album and attitude, it’s easy to forget that Harry Styles began his career as a curly haired teeny bopper in One Direction. Now cementing his status as a fashion icon, by co-hosting the event. Harry’s sheer blouse and high-waisted trousers was just the right amount between edgy and camp. Also, one of the moments you missed from the Met Gala 2019 is that he actually pierced his ears for the occasion. Nothing says grunge like a tiny silver stud.

More moments you may have missed?

Getting clued up on the fashion highlights (and low-lights) can be tricky.