Personal Touches to Designing Your Own Shoes

designing your own shoes

How many situations could you have anything you want? When we tell our customers that their design options are limitless, their replies are usually “Wait. What? Really?” Yep. When you’re designing your own shoes, we’ll do our best to get you exactly what you want. On our online 3D designer, there are a whole heap of personal touches you can add to your shoes. Here are a few details to consider when you’re designing your own shoes.

What is an Online 3D Designer?

If you’re new here- hi, welcome to the party- our online 3D designer is about to spice up your life/shoe rack. Starting on our website, our online 3D designer is a tool that helps you piece together and visualise your shoe design, step by step. Plus, it’s easy to control your budget, so there’s no surprises when it comes to checkout.

Adding details when you’re designing your own shoes

Designing your own shoes, monogram


First- a monogram! We meet a lot of women who are designing shoes for a special occasion. A wedding, a huge work event, a milestone birthday, that kind of thing. Adding a monogram to your design can be a touching way to remember a big day afterwards. Plus, monograms are available in any font of your choice. Basically, there’s a lot of choice. 

designing your own shoes
These boots are made of soft pony hair

Using luxury materials

Now, one of the best parts of designing your own shoes- choosing your own materials and colours. Before, we’ve spoken about how colour can affect your wellbeing, during a chat with personal stylist Claire Jacklin.

As well as a whole range of soft, and patent leather and suedes, our online 3D designer features a range of luxury materials. Adding some texture to your design with pony hair, or faux snakeskin ramps up any design to a luxury look.

Do you need arch support?

Finally, arch support is a comfort feature we offer. Before, we’ve outlined everything we can add to your shoes to make them as comfortable as possible.  Additionally, every pair of Solely Original shoes include;

  • Built in heel grips, preventing rubbing that causes blisters
  • Memory foam soles, providing a soft cushion for your feet
  • Arch support is a little extra you can add into your shoes, to help relieve pressure from your arches and distribute weight evenly, to make walking more comfortable.

A few little things we can do

Our 3D designer has a whole host of options, i.e. 150+ materials to choose from, 12 styles to create your ideas from. However, we might not have everything you’re looking for at first glance. Our service is fully customisable and there are some extra services we can do to create your dream shoes:

  • We can send you swatches of your favourite material, so you can see it in person
  • If we don’t have your required shade available in our stockroom, we’ll order it especially for you
  • Heels can be any height you like, not just the heights shown on our drag and drop bar

We’re trying to make designing your own shoes as easy as it can be, with our online 3D designer you can do it at home. Start designing your own shoes now.