What’s the Trouble with Plastic Shoes?

What’s the Trouble With Plastic Shoes?

It’s the one trend that isn’t going anywhere- PVC shoes. After becoming a firm celebrity favourite, from reality stars to Hollywood actresses, plastic shoes got a nod of recognition from high end designers- notably Chanel. They’ve had quite a journey, from Street style underdogs to haute couture heroes. Now boots, sandals, trainers- they’ve all had a PVC revamp. The see through shoe style skyrocketed- try saying that fast 3 times. However, what’s the trouble with plastic shoes- are they hurting us?

Let’s get the Gross Stuff out the way

First of all, bacteria. It’s not a secret that feet are a playground for all kinds of germs- sorry germaphobes! According to podiatrists- foot specialist doctors- feet can sweat up to ½ pint a day. Now, I’ll let you imagine what yucky things happen when you’re wearing plastic shoes and running for a bus.

After the Gross Stuff happens, plastic shoes could cause actual long term damage to your feet. Plastic isn’t a breathable material, so feet can slip and slide all over the place. This friction causes blisters, calluses and can irritate bunions. So, the trouble with plastic shoes? Are they worth the serious pain?

Will your Feet even Fit?

During the day feet swell, sometimes growing up to 2 shoe sizes. After a long day, the last thing you want is for your feet to be trapped in rigid, plastic shoes. Instead of feeling the pinch in plastic shoes, try a more flexible material.

On online our 3D Designer, I would recommend a soft leather option, especially if your feet are prone to swelling. Plus, as well as the shades on the designer, we can colour match if there’s an exact colour you need.

The trouble with plastic shoes
Definitely not a comfortable fit!

Not the Right Time to Find Out About your Plastic Allergy

So, the trouble with plastic shoe is mainly about making shoes uncomfortable for everyday wear. There’s been a lot of talk about skin irritation and sweating. Going one step further- what if you have an undetected allergy to the plastic?

One trend is all about bracing the grossness and going barefoot in the plastic booties. However, while you’re showing off your pedicure, the skin on plastic contact could be the last step before a serious breakout.

Kim Kardashion endorsing the see through shoes trend
US Reality Star Kim Kardashian endorsing the see through shoe trend

So, can I wear the trend at all?

Although you don’t have to ban the see through trend completely, there are a few suggestions.

Wear socks! Pop on a pair of colourful tube socks, for comfortable fashion points.

Wear in moderation. They probably won’t become your go-to pair of heels, but wearing a pair of sandals to dinner once or twice every few weeks is unlikely to do damage.

Get the Expert Opinion on Plastic Shoes

If you’re not grossed out by the troubles of plastic shoes, find out more on how ill fitting footwear can hurt your health. Our chat with leading podiatrist Dina Gohil is available now.