Adding a Monogram to Your Shoes

Adding a monogram to your shoes

Initials are becoming a fashion statement and monograms can be added to anything. Phone cases, suitcases, purses. Personalisation is trending in a big way-but is there a subtle way to join the crowd? Adding a monogram to your shoes is a sure fire way to be different. 

Here’s a guide to everything you need to know about adding a monogram to your shoes. 

What is a Monogram? 

By definition, a monogram is a decoration, usually of a person’s initials to show a personal possession.

But, it’s not like your mum writing your initials in your school sweaters so they don’t get mixed up in the locker room! Instead, a monogram is a way to put your mark on your style. Adding a monogram to your shoes is great for showing off- you designed these shoes for you. 

Adding a monogram to your shoe design
An example of a Monogram

Adding a Monogram to Your Shoes is Easy 

Thinking of personalisation, sometimes people think it’s a bit of a hassle. On the other hand, using our online 3D Designer makes it easier than ever! Adding a monogram to your shoes takes just a few minutes, here’s how: 

  1. First, visit the online 3D Designer and create your style! Play around with colours and materials until you find a design that expresses your personal style perfectly. 
  2. Next, at the bottom of the materials section, you’ll the option for adding a monogram. 
  3. Inside the box, add what you would like your monogram to say. Dates, initials, names are all perfect ideas! 
Adding a monogram to your shoes
How to use the 3d designer to add a monogram

Finalising your Monogram 

Finally, you can choose your font & layout. Know what you would like? Feel free to add the details into the Personal Description box at checkout. If you’re not quite sure yet- there’s still time! 

Adding a monogram to your shoes is the final stage of shoe making. At this stage, we’re happy to remind you to choose. 

Wedding Monograms

Adding a monogram to your shoes is a growing trend- especially for brides. It’s one of our top ways to personalise your bridal shoes, check out some of the other ways. Making your bridal shoes stand out from the rest of your wardrobe isn’t always easy. Adding a monogram- Mr & Mrs- is a subtle touch that makes all the difference. Plus, it’s a great photo op on the day. 

adding a monogram to wedding shoes
Perfect example of a subtle bridal monogram

Know a bride? Why not purchase a gift card so she can add a monogram to her custom design. 

Start Designing your Dream Shoes

Begin designing your shoes to add a monogram now!