What are the Benefits of Having Arch Support?

What is Arch Supprt

Adapting new comfort features to shoes is no easy feat- no pun intended. Constant development, listening to feedback and tweaking is all part of our journey to create the most perfectly comfortable shoe. For a while, we’ve had arch support as an option on our 3D Designer. But how can arch support help you everyday?

Here’s a guide, breaking down all you need to know about the benefits of having arch support. 

What is the arch

First of all, you might be a bit confused- not everybody has them! Before we go any further, what kind of arch do you have? Sometimes, there’s pain in this part of the foot. Standing or being on your feet for a long time, ill fitting shoes are a couple of things that can cause his pain. This is where the benefits of having arch support come in! 

What are the different kinds of arch
A brief overview of the different kinds of arch

What is arch support?

So far, for a lot of women, arch support is a game changer. While you’re creating your own shoe, you want to do everything you can to make sure you’re truly comfortable. Arch support is extra cushion support for that part of your foot. Plus, every pair of shoes feature a memory foam sole. 

What is Arch Supprt

What are the Benefits of Having Arch Support?

Including arch support in your made to measure shoes can have multiple benefits. 

-Having arch support distributes pressure.

By evening out the weight placed on your feet, arch support cuts down the 

-Providing support to reduce pain.

For some women with specific conditions or ailments, artificial support may be needed. Building arch supports with the shoe saves time with finding and replacing inserts. 

-Preventing the development of painful conditions.

Medical conditions such as plantar fasciitis can be incredibly painful and cause irreversible damage.  

How to get Arch Support

Finally, know you know the benefits of having arch support- how do you get it? Adding arch support is as easy as ticking a box. Start designing your bespoke shoe today, you’ll feel the difference.

Benefits of Having Arch Support
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