Designing Calf High Boots

An example outfit of what to wear after designing calf high boots

Now, boot season is in full force. It’s that time of year where your go to outfit is jeans, a trench coat and a pair of boots. Also, it’s the time of year where nearly every fashion label reaches out with a ‘Staple Boot’. Joining trends is fun, sure- but what if you could create a style that truly represents you? 

Designing calf high boots using our online 3D Designer, you’re able to take control of your design. Controlling all aspects including:

  • Material 
  • Colours 
  • Heel Height 
  • Toe Shape 

Featuring styles our customers love, here’s some inspiration for designing calf high boots. 

Try a different texture 

First, without looking, how many boots in your wardrobe are plain black leather? While it’s easy to fall into a circle, designing calf high boots can be a great way to break out of a style rut. 

Try our faux cheetah print material to make a statement. Add some chic style to your everyday uniform of a shirt and jeans. 

Plus, these boots feature a custom embellishment detail- also available on our 3D Designer, for any style. 

A product image with a suggesting for designing calf high boots using cheetah print material
Featuring a cone shaped heel

Mix and Match 

Time for another timeless print. As seen on every fashion it-girl for the past couple of decades- snake print. With the black and white snake print, there’s room to style the print however you want. It can be hard to know where to start when you’re designing calf high boots- start with a monochrome print. 

For more tips on how to style snake print, check out our previous styling tips.

Another product image showing a pair of stiletto boots with a snake print material
Featuring a splash of snake print

Thinking outside the box 

Finally- this pair are quite different. The stretch material is available upon request- and is flattering with mini skirts! With a sock boot, the outfit is instantly lifted in the style stakes.

A final product image with a pair of sock boots made with a black stretch material
Also with a chunky block heel

Start Designing your Dream Shoes

Begin designing calf  high boots now.