What to Expect From Our Pop Up Store

An aerial view of the Spirit of Christmas Fair

While we’re busy few weeks putting our brand new look and website into place, we’re kicking off by exhibiting at the Spirit of Christmas Fair. Here’s a quick look into what to expect from our pop up store, plus all the details you need….


Showing off a wide range of sample shoes- so everybody can be inspired. Whether you’re into flats or 6 inch stilettos, feel free to pop over and see the handcrafted details up close. 

Visit the Spirit of Christmas Fair 4 – 10th November

We’ll be taking measurements with our 3D Scanner 

Within two minutes, using our 3D Scanner, we’ll be able to take your specific foot measurements. Our shoes are made to measure by combining traditional shoemaking practices plus this digital measurement system. 

The result? Getting to see a cool 3D Scan of your feet and your precise sizing details. 

A picture of our 3D Foot scan, which is what to expect from our pop up store
An example of our 3D Foot Scan

Exclusive Offers 

During the event, we’ll be offering an exclusive promotion for people who visit us. We don’t offer promotions like this very often- but as it’s Christmas we’ll make an exception! The promotion code will only be valid for the duration of the event, so be sure to see 

Personalised Gift Vouchers are Available 

If you know somebody who would love the experience of completely custom made shoes- gifts are available. Whether it’s your mum, aunt or colleague, a gift voucher gives them freedom over their design. 

1:1 Design & Fit Consulting 

If you’ve experienced fitting issues for years now, chatting to our team can help you find out what your shoes are missing. Highlighting problem areas and pain points, we can help you love shoes again! 

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