Custom Tartan Sourcing

Pair of custom tartan shoes

Sure, we talk about it all the time. But, how does custom tartan sourcing work? Using your own custom tartan shoes can make all the difference to an outfit. As a bride, using custom tartan for your shoes can be a touching tribute to your family. Or a special surprise for your husband-to-be. Not a bride? With custom tartan sourcing, everyday outfits have an extra edge.

Here are all the details on custom tartan sourcing.

What details do we need from you?

First, for us to source your custom tartan, we simply need a family name. Then, the benefit of the service is that it takes the hassle away from you. 

Can you provide your own custom tartan? 

Already have some fabric? Next, we need around 1m per pair of shoes. Just let us know, and we’ll share details on how you can send it to us.


Close up of tartan heels showing the material
Materials & the design are entirely custom

Where do we source the custom tartan from? 

With custom tartan sourcing, we make sure we use the best suppliers. Our suppliers hand make fabric from 100% pure wool. Plus, they’re based in Scotland, so they’re definitely authentic.

Pair of custom tartan heels
Plus, the designs are fully optimised for comfort

After we’ve made your custom tartan shoes, what happens? 

Once we’ve made your shoes, if we have any spare tartan, we’ll send it back to you. Adding some tartan touches to your big day, being resourceful with spare fabric! 

Start Designing 

Now, start designing your custom tartan shoes. Visit the designer here.