What to Wear at the Australian Open

Travelling to the south coast for January? Whether you’re making an escape for some Winter Sun or you’re lucky enough to live in Australia, the event calendar is definitely full. Starting with the Australian Open, the first of the famous four tennis events – staying comfortable and dressing light is a must. 

What to wear to the Australian Open

Where? Melbourne Park, Melbourne, Australia 

When? 20 January 2020 – 2 February 2020 

Stay Comfortable All Day 

First, any event under the sun can be tiring – let alone watching tennis pros running up and down the court! Deciding what to wear to the Australian Open while staying comfortable, should be a key priority. 

One option that we suggest is to wear a shoe that includes a memory foam sole. After working with traditional shoemakers, we have developed a perfect memory foam sole. While you’re jumping up and down supporting your favourite play, your feet will be cushioned. 

Decide what to wear to the Australian Open and stay comfortable with a soft memory foam sole

Dress to Impress

With made to measure, you’re in complete control of your design. Whether you opt for a strappy design or a peep toe, while you’re thinking of what to wear to the Australian Open, design a style you can rewear for years. 

Plus, having your shoes handmade using your exact sizing will ensure that your feet are perfectly supported and literally made just or you. 

Decide what to wear to the Australian Open whether it's strappy sandals or a peep toe

Stay inside your comfort zone

Finally, during long events such as the Australian Open, wearing high heels isn’t ideal. However, if you want a height boost you can design your own comfortable and custom made shoes that won’t hurt you, but make you feel confident and empowered while wearing them. You have complete freedom to choose the height and style of the heel as with each of the other parts of the shoe. 

While deciding what to wear to the Australian OPen, here's how to design your own heels

Now.. the ball is in your court and you make your own game rules!

Design the shoe you always wanted!