The dual role of working mothers

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The dual role of working mothers

Nothing can ever prepare you completely for becoming a mother, let alone a working mother. It’s said that motherhood is the most beautiful and at the same time, the most difficult thing in life. But what happens when you have to deal with your work at the same time as well? Surveys reveal that the multiple responsibilities working mothers face is rather exhausting and stressful! Around 35% of mothers admit that their career or work life has suffered after becoming a parent, while around 15% struggle with everyday stresses, based on several research studies.

Some working mothers admit that fatigue has led them to the limits of despair and that lack of sleep affects their work performance. There are some working mothers, who have said that their boss was not understanding enough and that they were not provided with any flexibility for their difficult circumstance. That’s why many working mums have battled with lots of health issues, like stress, anxiety, or exhaustion.


Working Mums Need Solutions


There needs to be solutions to these serious problems. Studies have revealed that the most important factor which contributes to the general well being of working mums is their ability to work reduced hours in order to keep a good maternity and work balance. In fact, mothers with two children who were working reduced hours had around 35% lower chronic stress levels than mothers with inflexible working hours.

In the meantime, it is very important for these women to seek solutions that can help ease the stresses of being a working mother. It has been proven that meditation and constant exercising can be very helpful in these situations. Many women have stated that they were helped a lot when they spoke to an expert, about how to balance their double responsibilities, while a smaller percentage of mothers found some very practical advice online and through friends.


Mothers should be treated everyday

Mothers undoubtedly deserve more than a day dedicated to them. In fact, they should be treated everyday! We are here to support each individual mum. Being physically apart from your mother is a tough thing to do, especially with Mother’s Day this Sunday, but we have some wonderful treats that are perfect for letting her know you are thinking of them!

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