Buying shoes for different sized feet

Buying shoes for different sized feet

Having different sized feet is undoubtedly very frequent among many people. In fact, it’s very common that humans might have the entire two parts of their body at some point unequal to each other. Also, according to a study conducted by the College of Podiatry, around one-third of men and approximately half of women, have stated that they buy shoes which don’t fit well enough because they are not sure what’s their exact size. Tackling this by providing more information for people who experience this kind of everyday problems should be of high importance in the footwear industry.
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How common is it to have different sized feet?

According to a foot measuring device, around 60% of people have different sized feet, with most of them having their left foot bigger than their right one. Categories vary, from those who have a small difference to others with a huge difference, experiencing trouble finding shoes that can be a good fit for both their feet. Many people try to solve their unequal sizing problem by putting more socks to accommodate their smaller sized foot, add more insoles, or even buy mismatched shoes.

What causes different sized feet?

Shoes for different sized feet

It’s very common and perfectly normal to have different sized feet. There are many people who are born with unequal sized feet and struggle to find shoes that would fit equally to both their feet. Some of them already have unequal feet sizes since they were born, while others might develop different feet sizes from their childhood due to foot injuries or other health issues. Most of the time, the size variance is not that big and won’t cause problems in their everyday life. However, there are cases with big size differences that need further attention, especially regarding footwear choices. 

Where can you buy shoes for unequal sized feet?

It is important that people who have different feet sizes, feet shapes, or any other similar difficulties, are able to find shoes with a perfect fit and shouldn’t have to compromise with average solutions that are going to have a negative impact on their feet’s health and protection. A common solution that some people find, is to purchase two different pairs of shoes with different sizes. However, this can be quite tiring, twice as expensive and it won’t always guarantee the perfect fit for your feet. Instead, bespoke and made to measure sizes can be a true saviour in order to avoid badly fitting footwear and have the perfect fit for your two different sized feet.

How can bespoke sizing help people with unequal sizing?

Bespoke Shoes Different Sized Feet

People, in these cases, can have their feet measured to determine the right size and fit for them and get professional advice by experts. 

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