Sustainable Shoes Are Custom Made Shoes

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Sustainable Shoes Are Custom Made Shoes


At Solely Original we diligently work to help make a difference towards a more environmentally friendly direction by providing more vegan materials and eco-friendly options. With brands constantly launching new products, collections & designs, and consumers systematically refreshing their style & closet, the challenge for us is to become a more sustainable footwear brand with a “quality over quantity” mentality. Our shoes are manufactured in a way where the complete handcrafting process meets our quality requirements. Our goal is to optimise the lifecycle of our products by creating enduring, sustainable shoes.

sustainable shoes for wide feet.

Everything You Need to Know About Our Custom Made Sustainable Shoes

We have already made the right steps moving forward and continue looking for ways to make more sustainable shoes that reflect our brand value of positively impacting our community with our services. We care about maintaining a sustainable production process, from consciously choosing sustainable materials, to complying with our strong ethics during the shoe handcrafting process and to considering environmentally-friendly ways to care for product repairs and the relevant waste. With that in mind, it is important for us to support reducing waste. How do we achieve that? Through our Bespoke service, we aim to have every shoe tailored exactly to your measurements and preferences. So, after you design your shoes on our online 3D Designer, our shoemakers are meticulously working in cutting every millimeter of fabric by hand so that no fabric goes to waste. This way, our custom made shoes help to support our goal in caring for the environment.

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With Our Sustainable Shoe Materials, We Go Green

Our vegan shoe materials are eco-friendly so that we are able to give more sustainable solutions to our customers. Once you’ve started designing your own pair of shoes on our Designer page, you can find the vegan option in the material section. We are proud that our services and products align with our strong ethics and values as a brand. Natural, sustainable shoe materials are a great way to take care of your feet and our earth, too. 

Our Eco-Friendly Remake Policy for Your Shoes

If you want to make any adjustments to your shoes, instead of creating a new pair, we are requesting that you send us your original pair of shoes so that we can start working on making relevant changes and not throw the product away. If a remake of your shoes is absolutely necessary, these returned shoes then will be repurposed as sample shoes for showcasing.

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Our Bespoke Features for Eco-friendly Shoes

Our Bespoke service and Product Features are additional ways for us to make a positive impact on the environment while we still keep our promise to a solution for healthy feet. As all of our shoes are made to order, there is no leftover inventory which overtime becomes obsolete. If you are tired of the pain and discomfort of trying to fit into standard shoe sizes, then you might find our product features a lifesaver. From built-in heel grips that prevent rubbing, memory foam insoles that cushion your feet, to arch support to relieve pressure from aches and pains, we are trying to provide the best combination for comfortable, eco-friendly shoes for women.


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