Healthy Feet: Natural Ways To Take Care Of Your Feet

Healthy Feet

Healthy Feet: Natural Ways To Take Care Of Your Feet

We all care about having healthy feet but sometimes, ill-fitting shoes and poor foot hygiene can vigorously burden our feet’s health and appearance. Taking care of yourself is the road to feeling beautiful and confident. So, here are some of our favourite natural solutions that you can do from the comfort of your home to tackle common feet issues by caring for your personal hygiene and maintaining healthy feet.

Home foot care can be an enjoyable rejuvenating experience.

Ready For A Refreshing Footbath?


Feet that are tired from a demanding day at work, or from standing all day long are in much need of pampering to regain their freshness and feel energized. You can make the following recipe at home with natural ingredients and we know your healthy feet will be grateful for it. How do you prepare your relieving footbath? 

How To: In a small bowl of warm water, mix two tablespoons of sea salt, a few drops of lavender essential oil and a tablespoon of olive oil. Dip your feet into the mix for 20 minutes, until they feel relaxed and smoother. Taking a footbath gives a feeling of well-being throughout the body. Allow yourself this little luxury, because you deserve it.

Extra Tip: After you finished soaking, pat your feet dry with a clean towel and apply moisturizing lotion for extra softness.

Don’t Leave Dry Cracked Heels Unnoticed 

Dry Cracked Heels

After the rejuvenating foot bath, you are one more step towards having the healthy feet you wanted. What’s next? Rub the heels with a pumice stone, to remove the dead cells. Never neglect to take care of this part of your foot after every shower. At first, it may seem like a big problem, but when the cracks become deeper, the discomfort and pain will become more prominent as you go about your daily routine. You can take care of cracked heels by following the recipe below for natural peeling. 

How To: Mix two tablespoons of sugar with two tablespoons of olive oil in a bowl and repeat once a month. You can start doing it in winter so that you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite sandals during the summer.

Extra Tip: do not walk barefoot at home as it may deteriorate the dryness of your heels. Also, don’t forget to apply foot moisturizer to your feet on a regular basis for extra softness and hydration

Goodbye Foot Odor, Hello Healthy Feet

elminate foot odor

Your feet may start sweating constantly due to long hours of being confined in your socks and shoes, causing bacteria to develop and create an unpleasant odour. If you suffer from foot odour, just try a simple and natural remedy at home with lemon. 

How To: After your bath, massage your feet with lemon. Lemon reduces sweat and along with the fresh lemon scent prevents the bad odour. For an effective and extremely soothing massage, follow circular and deep movements whilst also adding some variations. 

Extra Tip: Remember to put on some talcum powder before putting on your shoes. This will keep your feet dry and slightly scented. Also, make sure you always wear clean cotton socks. That is our way of saying goodbye to foot odour through natural remedies. Are you in?

Caring For Your Calluses Is Another Road To Healthy Feet

callus care for healthy feet

Have you ever heard about calluses? It’s the friction created from the rubbing of your feet against your shoes. It’s commonly found at the ball of your foot, heels or the side of your big toe and causes these areas to harden. When calluses appear, walking can become a very painful experience. When we talk about healthy feet, calluses do not match, so we can offer our help to get rid of them in natural ways, once and for all! 

How To: Footbath with oatmeal in warm water for 15 minutes can soften calluses. Another way is to put a  slice of pineapple on it and tie it with gauze before lying down. Leave it overnight and in the morning the callus will be softened or detached. 

Extra Tip: You can prevent calluses by choosing shoes with soft leather or with soft memory foam insoles, that will allow your feet to have maximum freedom for movement and limit the possibility of friction and irritation against your shoes. For those of you who experience these problems often, you can always search for shoes that fit your exact measurements, so that your healthy feet won’t feel uncomfortable inside your footwear.

Go Healthy With Good Fitting Shoes Good Fitting Shoes

Shoes that are too tight can cause serious damage to your feet. In fact, some problems like bunions or blisters, come from wearing ill-fitting shoes. To avoid this, it is very important to wear shoes that fit your feet perfectly so that you can feel comfortable and healthy all the time. Many people can easily become attached to a pair of beautiful shoes but are too tight and narrow, which ends up forming bunions on their feet resulting in persistent foot pain.  

How To: To prevent having bunions or any other foot problem, it is crucial to wear shoes that fit you right. With our Bespoke PrecisionFit service, you can have your shoes made to fit the exact measurement of your feet, so you can now let go of your attachment to your old tight shoes, that you couldn’t get rid of because you always liked their style. With precision fit, you can have it all!

Extra Tip: Before you choose to opt for our bespoke service, you can start with designing your dream well-fitted shoes on our 3D Designer. At Solely Original, comfort and style go together.

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