Step By Step Guide To Your Bespoke Shoes

bespoke shoes get you back in control

Step By Step Guide To Your Bespoke Shoes

Our mission as a bespoke shoe brand is to provide comfortable fashion shoes, suitable to meet every woman’s individual needs and preferences. We aim to make women’s lives easier by providing bespoke shoes, that are both comfortable and stylish, tailored to their exact size and preference. No two feet are the same in the world, not even your left and right foot have the exact same feet measurements, and for that, we don’t provide shoes that are only made for a specific group of standard sizes. Even with standard sizes, companies need to use foot models with “average” feet to understand and adjust how that shoe should fit that specific size before going into mass production, so why shouldn’t that apply to all of us?

Our 3D Designer: Start By Designing Your Own Customised Shoes 

3D Designer For Bespoke Shoes

When we hear the words ‘bespoke shoes’ we usually think of footwear that is specially made for an individual. This process results in a unique pair of shoes that is tailored to the exact feet measurements of each person. At Solely Original, bespoke shoes are so much more than that. So, what is the advantage that you get with our bespoke services? Before you start the bespoke fitting process, you can design and visualise your own pair in our 3D Designer page, a tool where you can create your shoe design step by step. It’s your creation, so we let you take the lead and become a shoe designer for a day! With our 3D Designer, you can choose your preferred toe shape and heel height as well as select from over 150 materials and colours, not to mention both classic and dazzling embellishment details for extra personalisation. You deserve full control of every stage of your design because no woman needs limits when it comes to showcasing her individual style. There is no need to fantasise about those shoes you’ve always wanted but couldn’t find, because your flawless, customised shoes are ready for you at the click of a button!

Design Your Own Pair Here

PrecisionFit: With Our Bespoke Service There’s A Fit Just For Your Feet

PrecisionFit Service For Bespoke Shoes

It’s a dream to design your own shoes, but how can you completely enjoy that luxury if they don’t fit you well? Well, let’s talk about fit and made to measure footwear. There are no other feet like yours so we are not creating any other shoes like yours! We handcraft each design tailored to the specific measurements of your feet because your feet are just as unique as your designs! Using our innovative home fitting kit, you can capture your foot data in just under 10 minutes.

How Precision Fit Works?

If you’re tired of trying to fit into standard sized shoes, you can choose PrecisionFit sizing and get the shoe style that you love, made to fit your exact measurements. How? After you’ve designed your shoes or selected a pair from our pre-designed Collection, we’ll post you your very own Fitting Kit to create a mould of your feet in just 8 minutes. Once you’ve returned your mould, our expert craftsmen will make a pair of personalised wooden lasts (wooden mould which is used to make shoes) from your measurements. Then, they’ll begin handcrafting your made to measure shoes. 

Learn More About Our Bespoke Service Here

Waiting Time? Good Things And Bespoke Shoes… Come To Those Who Wait

Bespoke Shoe Collection

They say good things (and we want to add: good shoes) take time. Bespoke shoemaking is a complicated process, but we want you to rejoice in your custom pair as soon as possible. That’s why our Standard Delivery takes 4-6 weeks, while our Express Delivery only takes 2-3 weeks for an additional £60. We ensure to keep you updated with every step of the shoemaking process too. So, if you’d like your dream pair ready for your perfect summer, this is the right time to get it. 

Take A Look For Inspiration Here

Our Bespoke Fitting Is About Your Satisfaction And We Don’t Stop Until We Guarantee It

made to measure shoes

Once you’ve received your customised shoes, if you feel there is anything that needs to be adjusted at all, we will be here to help! Just send us your feedback and we will get your adjusted pair back to you within 2-3 weeks. We guarantee you don’t have to settle for the second-best! 

Feel Free To Contact Us With Any Question Here

 Craftsmanship Is A Heritage

 bespoke footwear craftmanship

What makes our bespoke shoes premium quality? We know how to source materials that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also very durable. Our expert shoemakers have been handcrafting for over 15 years, with intricate care, attention to detail and dedication.

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