Empowering Women Is At The Heart Of Solely Original

empowering women.

Empowering Women Is At The Heart Of Solely Original

In the last few months, our world has been through too many changes and difficulties, but at Solely Original, we haven’t neglected our dedication to empowering women, especially when they need our help the most. During these challenging times, we believe it is crucial to take responsibility within the footwear community and continue to support and empower women. It’s a time where we need to give back more than ever as there are so many people who have been affected. We are always thinking of ways to set an example by giving back, whilst encouraging those around us to do the same. 

There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about’

Margaret J. Wheatley author

Women Empowerment Through SmartWorks Charity

empowering women.

Among our efforts in making our community feel stronger and more confident, we are happy to announce that we are partnering with Smart Works Charity to contribute to their great work in helping as many underprivileged women as possible to transform their lives. Smart Works is a charity that provides free dressing and coaching services for unemployed women with confirmed job interviews. Women who are at the beginning of their interview process can get personalised styling advice from Smart Works volunteers and receive high-quality outfits that they can keep afterwards. At SmartWorks, they make sure that each woman will be equipped with the necessary tools and confidence to master their interviews and shift their life towards a better direction.

“At Smart Works, we are always in need of high-quality donations of footwear to help our clients feel empowered at their job interviews. We accept new or lightly worn footwear in a range of sizes and styles (particularly between a UK 5 and 8.) We are particularly in need of shoes which are flat or with a low heel, otherwise, we do accept heels of a height less than two inches.”

Empowering Women Means: We Care, We Act, We Support Women

In our effort to support SmartWorks Charity and, consequently, all those women who need our help, we’ve started donating 55 pairs of shoes to the charity. The shoes will be used for underprivileged and unemployed women for their job interviews. By supporting this charity’s worthy cause and helping these women who are less fortunate, we already feel like we’ve made them really happy and that we have become somehow a part of their success story. 

Comfortable Shoes Make Confident Women

women empowerment

We truly believe that in order to feel empowered and confident, you must feel comfortable first. Feeling comfortable with yourself and with what you’re wearing is underestimated, whereas being stylish has become a top priority and a fashion norm that many women follow.  Having our customers come to us because they are tired of compromising on comfort just to get their favourite shoe style made us wonder, why can’t they have both? We feel their despair and we are constantly working on getting them the shoes they deserve, not the shoes they’re settling for! We simply want to break the norm ‘’beauty is pain’’ and make our own norm ‘Comfort Is Beauty’. 

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