Shoes that help bunions- fashionably!

Shoes That Help Bunions

Ladies, why do we put ourselves through pain and suffering to be fashionable? Whether, we’re tweezing eyebrows, waxing legs or pinching our toes into high heels- surely there has to be an easier way? Unfortunately, I can’t help you with your trips to the salon, but we can help with one thing- having healthy feet. More and more women have bunions, whether they know it or not, and are in pain every day. However, now we have shoes that help bunions- and look good.

What are bunions, and where do bunions come from?

First of all, bunions occur after too much weight is being placed on the metatarsal bone, at the bottom of the big toe. After a while of this happening, the joint becomes inflamed and swollen with fluid, so the joint can’t hold the big toe straight. Sounds uncomfortable right? Bunions come in all shapes and sizes! Signs of a bunion forming include:

-Hardening lumps on the side of your feet, below your big toes

-Your big toe begins pointing towards your other toes,or pointing inwards

-A hard, red, swelling lump of skin below your big toe

What do I do if I already have bunions?

For a long time, bunions have been a hidden nightmare across the fashion world. Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham are known for skyscraper heels and legs for days. Yet, they’ve been papped around town in high heels, bunions on display. So- don’t suffer in silence- no one is exempt!

Talking to your doctor could help, as corrective surgery is available. They can help recommend ways to make shoes that help your bunions, i.e. specific insoles or creams. However, a word of warning- they may not be the nude court shoes you know and love!

Also, podiatrists, such as specialised foot clinician Emma Supple, suggest putting ice on your bunion for up to 5 minutes at a time, to cool them down. Plus, bunions can be painful, so responsibly keeping paracetamol or painkillers to hand could make you feel more comfortable.

Is it important to have shoes that help bunions?

Footwear is key to either preventing or managing bunions. Having pain on the bottom of your feet, or along the side is made worse when pressure is applied when walking or wearing shoes. However, pediatric shoes aren’t known for being incredibly fashionable- and why should you compromise between style or health?

That’s where we would love to help. We all know the heartbreak when a gorgeous pair of shoes are on sale- but your size is sold out. At that moment, most of us walk away, however not everyone does. During research, our founder Iris found that young women are buying the wrong size shoes for the sake of fashion. Definitely not recommended!

Using our PrecisionFit service, you can have shoes that help bunions, that are fashionable too. Using your specific feet measurements creates a perfect fit shoe, so no design is off limits. Many women have come to us, fed up of plain flat shoes, and we’ve helped them get back into glamorous shoes, and being proud of their wardrobe again. Our website features more information on our PrecisionFit bespoke service.

What shall I do next?

You’re one step closer to finding shoes to help bunions. Visit our online 3D designer to begin creating your design. Next, select ’custom size’. We’ll send you a remote fitting kit, where you can take your own measurements in just 8 minutes.

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